It's been fascinating to watch the MARVEL Cinematic Universe grow and expand these past few years, and now, as CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR just had it's World Premiere in Los Angeles, the first trailer for the next film in the series has arrived. Just-debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live, here's your first look at Benedict Cumberbatch in MARVEL's DOCTOR STRANGE...

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The most astute viewers have noticed something in the marketing of MARVEL's CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (get tickets via Fandango) over the past few months... the teams were lopsided. Today that changed as the latest trailer for the next entry into the MARVEL Cinematic Universe hit the web... with a certain character "on loan" from SONY included in the mix. Ending much speculation, Tom Holland's first appearance as Spider-man (in perhaps his most comic-accurate costume ever) is revealed in this new clip, with Tony Stark summoning "Underoos" to round-out Team Iron Man. May 6th is looking real good right about now...

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As of this writing, it's officially Action Figure Work Day - the annual holiday in which the world at large is called upon to take action figures to work... and to share photographs of their plastic counterparts in their new environments. Founded somewhat accidentally in 2014 as "Take Your Action Figure to Work Day," this holiday is a growing one - officially declared "a celebration of the love of comics, animation, games, and everything nerdy and geeky." For 2016, my friends at Hasbro are getting in on the action, and knowing that I generally take action figures to work every day (I work from home most of the time, and when I travel, I pack accordingly), we've teamed up to extend the fun for a full week with a special STAR WARS + MARVEL Action Figure Prize Pack Giveaway! One lucky reader of THE ROCK FATHER Magazine is going to receive an assortment of five (5) randomly-selected action figures from the assortments listed below! Ready to #PlayLikeHasbro?

Last year, I was fortunate to be part of the crew that was invited to Walt Disney Animation Studios to help with the promotion of the Academy Award-winning BIG HERO 6 (full coverage here). After seeing the end credits sequence of the film, which presented the world in a more 2D form, I thought that an animated series in that style would be cool, and today comes news that BIG HERO 6: THE SERIES has become a reality. The series was announced today by Gary Marsh, president and chief creative officer, Disney Channels Worldwide. Emmy Award-winning producers Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, creators and executive producers of the global hit Disney Channel series KIM POSSIBLE are the executive producers. 

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On the first-ever episode of Disney Infinity NEXT, the makers of Disney Infinity 3.0 made a promise that the lifecycle of the 3.0 Starter Packs would be extended, and that there will be more content than ever coming to Disney Infinity this year. Just-announced is the MARVEL Battlegrounds Play Set (out March 15), which brings the brawling genre into Disney Infinity for the very first time. All that and more can be seen in the Spring 2016 edition of Disney Infinity NEXT...

It probably doesn't matter if you're siding with CAPTAIN AMERICA or IRON MAN when CIVIL WAR hits theaters later this Spring, because when it comes to toys, you're probably gonna want your entire AVENGERS collection to be complete... even in spud-tastic form. The latest superheroes to make the jump from the printed page to the MARVEL Cinematic Universe and then into starch-inspired toy form are BLACK WIDOW, the FALCON and HAWKEYE, all reimagined as PopTaters from PPW Toys, and soon to be available at Entertainment Earth. Using the iconic Mr. Potato Head styling (under license from Hasbro), these new 'taters are ready for action! 

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