Growing up as a child of the 1980s - watching certain, more "grownup" films than I probably should've at the time, Michael Douglas was a hero - my first memories of his performances coming from THE CHINA SYNDROME, ROMANCING THE STONE (and its sequel) and A CHORUS LINE. Later, WALL STREET, FALLING DOWN and THE GAME - all of which became personal favorites - really hit me, and those are just such a small, small fraction of the work of a man whose ANT-MAN co-star Paul Rudd refers to as "acting Royalty." The amount of pure good in Douglas' filmography is immense - as is the diversity... but something had been missing until 2015, and that's a full-blown Comic Book movie. So how did the 70-year-old actor decide that MARVEL's ANT-MAN would be his entry into that world? It's all about diversity, fun and friends...

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A couple of weeks ago, I was walking through the dealer booths at BotCon (the annual TRANSFORMERS convention) when I came across a guy selling something that wasn't quite supposed to be out yet - Hasbro's MARVEL Legends Infinite Series ANT-MAN assortment. Being just a week away from going head-to-head with actor Paul Rudd at the #AntManEvent and press junket in Los Angeles, I couldn't think of a better travel companion than a figure from the twelfth entry into the MARVEL Cinematic Universe, and this chance encounter was actually the solution to an earlier problem. Funny thing is, I'd previously reached out to both Hasbro and Diamond Select Toys with requests for their upcoming figures, but both were fruitless attempts. Yet here I was in a convention center in St. Charles, Illinois... and there it was staring at me. $32.40 later my action figure sidekick (sorta my thing) for the next adventure was locked. Action figure ANT-MAN would soon be in the hands of his flesh-and-blood counterpart (and pretty much the entire cast of the film)...

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At CROSS TECHNOLOGIES, "Big Things Come from Small Beginnings," and on July 17th the future of warfare will arrive. CEO Darren Cross recently announced through corporate communications that the company will introduce "The Yellowjacket," the "ultimate secret weapon" that posits the idea of a soldier the size of an insect. Intrigued? You can view the announcement message from Mr. Cross in the embedded video player below.

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Fandango FamilyWith the 2015 Summer Movie Season really heating up in July, I've taken some time as a member of the Fandango Family Digital Network (paid gig, disclosure and all) to take a look at what's coming up in the weeks ahead. From 4,000+ screen blockbusters to indies playing in limited release, there's roughly eighty (yes, 80!) new titles hitting cinema screens over the next month. I'm highlighting eleven of those movies here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine, calling out a few "Rock Father Picks," Wildcards, and perhaps even... a flop. But that's not all, friends! Fandango and I are giving YOU a chance to score a $100 Fandango Gift Card so that your family can enjoy some movies this summer (at participating theaters). Let's rock...

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When I became "The Rock Father" upon the birth of our first daughter back in 2009, I had no idea that being a parent and launching what would evolve into THE ROCK FATHER™ Magazine would actually be the catalyst to pull me back into - and keep me in - a realm that I'd had some adventures in before: the world of movies and television. It's where I belong, and completely weird how things go full-circle. My first gig as an entertainment writer was way back in 1992 (23 years!), and even through countless reinventions and "past lives," I've been covering press junkets for a very long time. But when I first paid a visit to Los Angeles, in what truly does seem like "a lifetime ago," I was there as many, if not most, are - as a screenwriter and actor. Those pre-parenting adventures - speeding down the Sunset Strip in my dear, departed friend's Cadillac while blasting MOTLEY CRUE (seemed appropriate at the time)... singing Sinatra while doing karaoke in Burbank (and subsequently jumping off the stage)... and taking fruitless studio meetings (for what eventually became a comic instead of a film)... all somehow led here - to my life as a "grownup." Pop Culture is my passion, and thanks to a few folks like my friends at The Walt Disney Disney Company, I'm fortunate to be able to head back to Los Angeles a few times a year to cover and bring back news and features on some of the coolest projects out there. This week, I'm goin' back to Cali again, and at the center of the adventure is MARVEL's ANT-MAN, and that's just the start...

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Later this month, I will be among the first to screen the completed version of MARVEL's ANT-MAN when I return to Los Angeles to cover the film's press junket as part of the #AntManEvent (but more on that later). For mass audiences, Paul Rudd will hit the big-screen in the small suit on July 17th, and today the first TV Spot has arrived online - serving up a fresh look at ANT-MAN (get tix via Fandango) and his nemesis, YELLOWJACKET. Check out the new clip below, and let me know what you think!

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