If you've paid a visit to the "action" aisles of your local toy retailer recently, there's a solid chance that you've seen MARVEL'S ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN: WEB WARRIORS Toys. The folks at Hasbro have been rolling these out since the spring, and we've actually got quite a few of them here at Rock Father HQ - several of which were featured a few months back in an episode of UNBOXED. But now we're in summer, and with summer comes a ton of role-play fun... the kind that's quite fitting for a #SummerOfMarvel. With Addie on an adventure of her own (truth: she was napping), Little Finn and I went outside to take a look at what Hasbro had bestowed upon us...

Yesterday, after covering MARVEL's ANT-MAN extensively here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine in recent weeks, The Rock Daughters and I took an afternoon detour to catch a matinee screening of the film in 3D at a local Regal Cinema. They had yet to see the film (which I love - read my review here), and while they're technically young for a PG-13 film, I stand behind my words in that this really is a MARVEL film for the entire family.  Addie absolutely LOVED the film, giggling, laughing and cheering throughout, while little Finn fell asleep and missed 90% of it (in fairness, it was during her regular naptime). Upon exiting, I overheard another audience member mention "that mambo scene wasn't in the movie," which is exactly what prompted me to pen another ANT-centric post. As is the case with many films, there's a lot of deleted scenes and unused footage that makes it's way into trailers and TV spots for a film, and that's happened quite a bit with ANT-MAN. In one such spot that celebrates the film's #1 opening at the box office, the crew of Paul Rudd's Ant-Man (aka the #Antourage) is seen dancing to a swinging little number that's raised a common question: "What is that song?" Well, I can tell you that it's a tune called "Mr. Mambo," and it's the "Hips Mix" version by electro-jazz duo 11 ACORN LANE (Thomas Feurer and Neal Pawley) that appears in said spot.

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This past weekend, the 12th film in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe (MCU) arrived in theaters, keeping the perfect record intact by securing a 12th consecutive #1 spot at the box office. While MARVEL's ANT-MAN came in just shy of its projected $60M mark in the U.S., scoring the top spot was no easy feat for a film based on an obscure character that was even more "out there" than last year's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Now, as Phase Two of the MCU comes to a close and Phase 3 begins, I'm sharing some words from a conversation with ANT-MAN Director Peyton Reed and MARVEL Studios head Kevin Feige - a conversation about the future of the MCU, women in that universe, and the genesis of ANT-MAN. If you haven't seen ANT-MAN and wish to remain spoiler-free, now's your chance to stop reading because I'm about to sting you in the next paragraph. Here we go...

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With MARVEL's ANT-MAN in theaters now, your favorite retailers are stocking up on some pretty cool merch featuring a superhero that until now, few were actually familiar with. Being the first true "family" film in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe, there's a lot of play value (and potential for learning) here. As with most summer movies (and superhero movies in general), the amount of items hitting the streets for ANT-MAN is massive, but I'm presenting a hand-picked collection of 15 of the coolest toys - a rundown offered up in no particular order. 

MARVEL's ANT-MAN may have just hit theater screens today, but thanks to a just-revealed box set, it is confirmed that Scott Lang and the #Antourage will definitely be home for the holidays. This Fall (date TBA), the MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Phase 2 Collection will come to Amazon as an exclusive 13-disc boxed set, with all six films from the Phase 2 MARVEL lineup packed inside a replica Power Gem. There will also be a "Top Secret Bonus Disc," exclusive additional bonus memorabilia and more packed into the $250 companion to the 2012 MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Phase 1 release. Here's what you'll get...

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Last month, prior to spending some time with the cast and filmmakers behind MARVEL's ANT-MAN at Walt Disney Studios, I had the opportunity to attend the very first press screening of the film at an AMC in Burbank. It's always best to see the finished product before delving into interview territory for those involved, but that can be a tricky situation - depending on the film itself. Fortunately, I exited ANT-MAN with a smile on my face, and a ton of thoughts racing through my head as I worked to digest the multi-layered approach to a comic book character that most mainstream audiences are likely unfamiliar with. MARVEL's ANT-MAN scores big by "going small" - the first true "family" film in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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