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This weekend, my friends over at The Land of Nod are extending a special BUDDY sale to everyone, and that includes all readers of The Rock Father. Click here and use the code "BUDDY" at checkout from now until 11:59pm on Sunday, August 12th for the special savings. 

Tuesday, July 31 2012 16:41

Cool Stuff: LAND OF NOD's Boombox Pillow...

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I recently received an email from The Land of Nod announcing their new Fall collection (I'm really looking forward to Fall) but didn't delve into it until this afternoon. What item caught the eye of The Rock Father? A Boombox throw pillow. Not only is the pillow cool (though they inform you that 'Hall and Oates are not included'), they have coordinating bedding that features something else old-school: cassette tapes.

Monday, July 30 2012 17:28

Rock Father Garden Update: July Harvest

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It's still hot outside. Not as bad as when I posted my last update from The Rock Father Garden, but it's still hitting 90 on a daily basis... and it's still dry. We've finally had some rain, but it's been in monsoon quantities for some very short periods of time. Too much, too fast - not right to make a dent in the incredibly dry earth - cracks in which can be seen running through our once green backyard. Sure, the green is returning, but man is that lawn scorched. We've kept the veggie garden watered, though it's still been tough.

The folks over at TeeFury are known for their super-cool, limited-edition mashup t-shirts that are offered on a 24-hours-only basis. What they have today is something super-cool and super-cute if you're into both STAR WARS and WINNIE THE POOH... specifically James Hance's WOOKIE THE CHEW artwork. Take a look at the full artwork below and see if you agree that it's about the cutest Death Star you've ever seen, complete with a little Chewy and R2-D2. If you like it, click here to get yours for only $10, but keep in mind that you only have until tonight to grab one!

I haven't done a lot of food reviews here on The Rock Father, but since a few are in the pipeline, I figured it was time to test the water with something that I recently bought: BALL PARK FLAME GRILLED PATTIES. They market these things straight at guys to the point where my wife commented on a commercial for them and looked at me to say "You want those, don't you?" Yes, I did. But this is an example of marketing for a questionable burger.

It's hot outside. In fact, it's 96 as I type this, and the little one is having some time with Mommy and new baby sister as I work. We came back in from some watering a little while ago, so I figured it was time for an update on The Rock Father Garden. It's been a war out there, folks. We've had casualties. We've also had some wins.

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