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Toy Review: Jada Toys Marvel-Inspired Hollywood Rides

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Over the past few years, Jada Toys has really been upping their game - slowly gaining space in the diecast aisle with some highly-detailed toy vehicles that are spread across a variety of licenses. In fact, the diecast category is a rare space in which you can find multiple licensees producing toys based on a shared property, with each company able to put their own spin on things. Marvel is a unique challenge in that the majority of heroes don't have (or need) a vehicle, and for the ones that do, it's generally Mattel's Hot Wheels line that brings them to life in the 1:64-scale. Still, there's a lot of room for creativity and other scales, and that's where Jada has come in, adding a few Marvel "inspired" vehicles to their 1:24-scale Hollywood Rides collection. Aimed at kids and collectors ages 8 and up (aside from Deadpool, who bears a 14+ mark), this new assortment presents some beautifully-designed, expertly-crafted vehicles that will appeal to a wide range of fans spanning comics and car culture. Plus, each ride comes with a diecast figure packed-in.

Black Panther Lykan Hypersport

Black Panther - Lykan Hypersport

The mighty King of Wakanda could certainly have any ride of his choosing, and while T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) was rockin' a customized Lexus LC500 F Sport in Ryan Coogler's incredible film, here we find him paired with the Lykan Hypersport from W Motors. The Lykan is a Lebonese vehicle often touted as "the first Arab supercar" by Dubai-based W Motors, who markets the car in real-life. Here we find the sleek lines accented with silver striping and accents that recall the details of Black Panther's suit. 


The hood is emblazoned with a stylish Black Panther logo, and the doors, hood and rear spoiler all open and close for additional play and display options. Get it: Entertainment Earth

Iron Man 2016 Camaro

Iron Man - 2016 Chevrolet Camaro

I'm not sure if it's ever been established as to who's the richer between T'Challa and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), but it's no secret that Stark could have any vehicle he wants. In the films, he's often been seen driving an Audi (or a Formula One car, if on the track), but here Jada has Iron Man paired with a customized 2016 Chevy Camaro. It's pure American muscle, and this ride is a perfect match for Iron Man's classic red and gold suit. There's bolt-on quarter panel flares, ground effects and a tasteful arc reactor on the hood. 

The doors, trunk and hood all open, the latter revealing a detailed engine. Get it: Entertainment Earth.


Spider-Man - 2017 Ford GT

If you've seen Avengers: Infinity War, Spider-Man Homecoming or Captain America: Civil War, then you know the relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker (Tom Holland). While Spidey fits into the category of "doesn't need a car" (though he's sometimes been shown with a Dune Buggy or ATV over the years), we're gonna assume that Stark bought him this one. I mean, the sticker price on a 2017 Ford GT starts at $450,000, so unless I'm completely missing something, there's no way some high school kid is gonna be able to swing that. 

Tony Stark and Peter Parker

Like the real-life counterpart, this thing is slick... with subtle webbing and Spider-Man's signature red and blue color scheme wrapping the entire ride. The spoiler can be raised and lowered (just as on the real car) and the doors and hood open. Fun fact: A picture I took of the real-life Ford GT prototype at the Chicago Auto Show back in 2015 used to be one of my most-viewed pics on Instagram. Get it: Entertainment Earth.

Jada Deadpool Taco Truck

Deadpool Taco Truck

Oh yes, Deadpool has a thing for food, but there's a particular affection for delicacies from south of the border. Over the years, we've seen Deadpool both in comics and on-screen (Ryan Reynolds) go wild for chimichhangas, tacos, burritos, etc. On the toy front, Hasbro made an SDCC-exclusive Taco Truck action figure pack a few years back, while Funko and Hot Wheels have both done versions of a Chimichanga Food Truck. This summer, following DEADPOOL 2, Jada unleashed their 1:24-scale Deadpool Taco Truck, released first at GameStop, and now available pretty much everywhere.

Jada Deadpool Taco Truck

As noted above, this one comes with a 14+ age recommendation, and that might not be just because of Deadpool's typically R-rated behavior. Unlike the other three rides, which are great to be played with, the Taco Truck feels like more of a collector's piece because it's fragile. It looks fantastic and provides a ton of cool features like sliding doors on both sides, opening rear doors, pop-top roof windows, flip-up serving counter awning and a complete interior kitchen. But with thin plastic pieces like the chrome side mirrors and front bumper, you can see where kids could easily trash this thing. In a way it's pretty fitting that this Taco Truck is just like Deadpool himself: great for grownups, not for kids. Get it: Entertainment Earth.

The full range of Jada Toys Marvel-inspired Hollywood Rides can be found at major retailers such as Walmart, Amazon and Meijer, or through specialty shops and from my friends at Entertainment Earth. They're also a 2018 Holiday Wish Guide™ pick! All photos by The Rock Father™, featured on the ReadySetz Urban Playset.

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