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Rides: Step2 Unleashes the 2-in-1 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT for Kids!

THE ROCK FATHER is a Step2 Brand AmbassadorAfter working with Step2 for almost two years as a Test Driver and now, Brand Ambassador - I finally got the chance to visit Step2 HQ in Streetsboro, Ohio last week, where I got an inside look on all the hot new toys they've got headed for retail over the next year or so. One of them is rolling out (quite literally) right now, with the new 2-in-1 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT about to hit the streets. With the ability to turn from a parent-powered push buggy into a kid-powered ride-on toy, the Raptor looks to be a must-have for kids 18 months and up as we enter the Fall season. Check it out...


Would YOU Like to own the 1963 Ford Thunderbird driven by THE CLASH's JOE STRUMMER?

Before his untimely passing in 2002, Joe Strummer of THE CLASH was a noted car enthusiast. On September 9, 1987, Strummer scored a 1963 Ford Thunderbird - an original California double black-plate Bullet body style T-bird - for just $4,200. While the car has surfaced since his death a time or two (records of a 2003 auction still float around), those wishing to own the ride of a certified "Rock Father" now have the chance, as the car is in the hands of the Beverly Hills Car Club and has just been put up for auction on eBay, with the sale set to close on what would've been Strummer's 62nd birthday, August 21, 2014.


Rides: Caring for the Autobot and Decepticon in my Driveway (A Daddy and Addie Adventure) #WalmartAuto

This adventure is brought to you by Walmart. THE ROCK FATHER is a Socialstars 2014 #WalmartAuto Ambassador. The Armor All products featured in this story are all available at your local store or at Walmart.com.

Ten years ago, SCION made it's debut here in the U.S., and I - deeply embedded in the entertainment world at the time - found myself enamored by the Scion XB, aka "The Box" after seeing it on the streets of California, where it arrived early. I ordered one brand-new, completely loaded and set to be delivered in June of 2004. In fact, I'm told it was the first black version to be delivered and sold in the state of Wisconsin (and imported to Illinois), but I've never been able to confirm that. I had it decked out with red LEDs to capture that KNIGHT RIDER vibe I dig so much, along with racing pedals, additional performance features, and the top-of-the-line Pioneer sound system. Upon arrival, I bestowed upon it a red Autobot insignia, displayed proudly on it's rear window... a throwback to the TRANSFORMERS debut in 1984. The car and I were ready for adventure, and many adventures were had. Now, in 2014 - I still have the Autobot in my driveway, but things are different. The bazooka tube is out of the trunk (room for a stroller), and in the back are a pair of car seats. 160,000 miles later, my Scion is still rockin', and it's Daddy and Addie that keep it that way.


Rides: Team Hot Wheels Energy Can R/C Baja Truck by Toy State

Toy State Test DriverThe crew over at Toy State have really been rolling out some sweet new rides of late - many of which have emerged due to their partnership with Mattel to create vehicles based on the iconic HOT WHEELS brand. As a 2014 Toy State Test Driver, I've been able to try out many of these with my girls, right here at Rock Father HQ - and this week there's sort of a "Baja" theme, as we just reviewed one Baja from their Engine Power line - and here we have the Team Hot Wheels Baja Truck from the Energy Can R/C collection


Rides: Rockin' the Road Rippers Skidders Mini Cooper Countryman WRC by Toy State

Toy State Test DriverWhat exactly are "Skidders," you ask? Part of the Road Rippers line from Toy State, the Skidders are electronic vehicles that have lights, sound, music and motion - all working together to get the rides rockin' down the road before coming to a dramatic, fish-tailing stop or "skid." In other words, they're a kid-magnet, and while the line has been out for a few years now, as a 2014 Toy State Test Driver, the girls and I have been able to take the latest model for a spin, right here at Rock Father HQ. New for summer 2014, the Mini Cooper Countryman WRC joins the Dodge Ram Power Wagon, Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang 5.0 in the Road Rippers Skidders fleet. Recommended for Ages 3+, check out Little Finn playing with hers...

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