Sunday, April 22 2012 10:28

EARTH DAY 2012 - How will you take part?

Today is Earth Day 2012, and if you've been visiting The Rock Father for a bit, you might've noticed our EARTH DAY NETWORK PLEDGE Box off to the right on the Gardening blog. We pledged to plant a garden, which is something that will continue having a positive impact long beyond a single day. It's important to remember the Earth not just today, but on the other 364 days of the year. What will YOU and your children be doing to celebrate Earth Day?

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I have a interesting personal anecdote involving THE CULT... Some years ago, in the not-so-distant past, I'd written a screenplay that a ''producer'' wanted CULT frontman Ian Astbury to be a part of. Using a friend of mine who is a friend (and past collaborator) of Astbury as the channel, said ''producer'' (a term to be used in an exceptionally loose manner) pushed the issue (being a big fan of THE CULT), and Astbury apparently read the script - and to my understanding, hated it.

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Tuesday, September 28 2010 00:00


KJ AD FClowOver the course of the past three decades, KILLING JOKE have established themselves as one of the most highly influential, yet vastly overlooked bands in music.

Having evolved over the years, the musical chameleons have been known by their followers for their forays into the darkest realms of punk rock, goth, industrial, metal, and electronic music. There are different faces of KILLING JOKE, but no matter which incarnation you enjoy, all of them have seemingly appeared within the confines of ABSOLUTE DISSENT (out now in Europe, November 16, 2010 in the U.S.) their latest album, and first for UK-based Spinefarm Records.

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