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Master Your Home: Hands-On with the Samsung WaterWall Dishwasher at Rock Father HQ...

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UPDATE: February 4, 2018 - Our dishwasher (like our washer and dryer) has broken down. We will not buy another Samsung product. PERIOD.

When it comes to the house, I'm pretty "domestic," but keeping Rock Father HQ running smoothly isn't really that easy. There's a lot of messes, and with two little girls and a constantly on-the-go Mommy and Daddy, dishes can pile up pretty quickly, and getting behind can cause a real jam-up in the kitchen. When we bought our house five years ago, one of the things we inherited was a dishwasher that was unattractive, clunky and just plain bad. Always on the ever-growing "to-do list" for replacement, we'd actually stopped using it by the end of our first year here - washing every dish by hand for about four years... up until a few weeks ago. When the crew from Best Buy arrived to install our new Samsung - WaterWall 24" Tall Tub Built-In Dishwasher, it was a glorious occasion - and a day that I was really looking forward to.

Samsung WaterWallPart of a refreshed lineup of Home Appliances infused with Samsung Technology to help "Master Your Home," our new Stainless Steel WaterWall Dishwasher arrived carefully packaged, and ready to rock. The team of installers was making the rounds with quite a few dishwashers that day - pointing out what a hot item these are quickly becoming. Of all the different outfits that I've had come out to do work at HQ, I give these guys props for being among the best-prepared, knowledgeable and precise. In no time, the old one was out and the new one was in and running. Cool sidebar is that one of the installers spotted my "Dime" guitar hanging in my office and we ended up having a solid discussion about PANTERA (also available at Best Buy) during the install.

First impression: QUIET. 

Seriously, when the guy told me it was running, I couldn't believe it. Unless the house is completely silent already, you can barely hear the dishwasher unless you're really listening closely. This thing is essentially in "stealth mode" from beginning to end, with a blue LED on the front indicating that it's operational. Its special insulation system brings the noise to under 42dBA. The controls are nicely hidden on the top of the door, discretely tucking beneath the counter and out-of-reach from the little ones while a cycle is running.

The innovative WaterWall system features a bar that moves back-and-forth with a steady, powerful, sweeping stream of water hitting the dishes - the days of the rotary "spin" a distant memory. This makes for more even cleaning, and everything has come out remarkably clean in the few weeks that we've had this. There's also a "Zone Booster" setting that allows for extra emphasis to be placed upon heavier, more grime-covered items like pots and pans, depending on placement.  Here's how that works...

You can also customize the racks by raising and lowering the middle, adjusting the angle of the guides, and there's a cool "Flex Tray" at the top - perfect for dropping those odd-sized utensils in, and then you can pick the whole thing up and carry them to the drawer when time comes to empty the washer. Adjustable is good, especially with little kids and a bunch of weird-shaped dishes and cups.

The one area on the Samsung WaterWall Dishwasher that was a little of a learning curve for us was the drying functions. Energy Star-rated, there is no heating element on this machine, and that's a totally new thing for us - with Samsung using "Condensing Dry Technology," which uses the heat of the water along with air circulation to dry the dishes. Rinse agent (we used Finish Jet-Dry) is an absolute must, and the water must be at least 120° coming from the water heater. Another tip is to use the "Sanitize" function along with "Dry+" for optimal use.

Samsung WaterWall - Spotless

With our dishwasher now replaced with such a massive upgrade, my wife and I are already considering the options for other upgrades from the Samsung line.  Their Chef Collection has some mighty fine-looking French Door Refrigerator and Range options available... among other things. In fact, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell already did their house:

Curious to see more great Home Appliances from Samsung? Check out the latest right now at your local Best Buy store, or at BestBuy.com!

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