Desert EscapeThe folks at Costa Farms recently served-up a challenge for me. They'd send me an assortment of cactus and succulents from their new Desert Escape Collection, and I'd see what kind of creative container I could whip up with them. Thing is, we live in Northern Illinois, so these will be indoor plants for much of the year - and since we don't have a desert landscape, I'm not very familiar with working with these varieties, aside from handling them on occasion in the years that I ran some Garden Centers (a few lives ago). I thought it would be a fun project for the girls and I, but had no idea just how big a production it could become. What I thought would be a one-container project actually became five, and we had a whole lot of fun with this - creating some interesting miniature landscapes where adventure was hiding just below the surface. For a couple of them, you could even say that they looked like something from "a galaxy far, far away..."

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The Norfolk Island Pine isn't really a pine at all... it's tropical tree that comes from the tiny Norfolk Island in the South Pacific - somewhere near New Zealand and Australia. It can't survive the winter here in Illinois, but it's pine-esque looks have turned it into a popular indoor plant, and one that looks pretty nice decked-out for the holidays. That makes it a great gift idea, and you can find them at places like the Home Depot for less that $15, complete with some starter decorations perfect for immediate gifting. The folks at Costa Farms sent one to Rock Father HQ last week, and we customized it using lightweight, paper ornaments from A REINDEER'S FIRST CHRISTMAS, a book from the PBS KIDS THE CAT IN THE HAT KNOWS A LOT ABOUT THAT! series from Random House. Take a look...

nationalplantDid you know that it's National Indoor Plant Week? In celebration of the movement for cleaner, fresher indoor air in homes, schools, and on the job (September 15-21, 2013) - The Rock Father and Costa Farms have teamed up for a very special O2 For You: Houseplants with a Purpose Giveaway! Just moments after dropping off my oldest at Pre-K this morning, FedEx arrived here at Rock Father HQ with an assortment of houseplants... and one lucky reader will receive a similar assortment later this week! Read on for details...

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