It should be absolutely no surprise to anyone at this point that Coffee is an essential ingredient of my day here at Rock Father HQ. With that in mind, the folks at Life of Dad and Starbucks asked me to show off a Starbucks VIA Moment on Instagram (Hey! I'm new there, give me a follow!), and that's what I did. Roughly 10 seconds of life as a Work-at-Home Dad with a mischievous 4-year-old slapping the camera away, and an angry 14-month-old crying and screaming at me. Yes, that's just one example of a Starbucks VIA Moment (along with rockin' into the wee hours) when a quick cup of coffee is required. Watch mine below, then share yours for a chance to win some fantastic prizes!

Every Fall since 2008, I have written about my love for the General Mills Monster Cereals. No matter where those words have been penned, I have always included one, simple request for General Mills... a request that I included last September, right here on The Rock Father: Bring back the "Retro" Boxes.  I'm a Monster Cereal fiend... so much so that I still have a dwindling private stash from last year, and when I tweeted about that stash while munching some BOO-BERRY back on August 5, this happened... 

If you're reading this, you already know that I'm a busy, work-at-home Dad with two little girls. That said, I'm often squeezed when it comes to lunchtime around here. I don't necessarily eat "well" all the time, and after getting lunch prepped for the little ones, it's often Daddy that ends up scrounging. Well, the crew over at Velveeta found a new way to bring their classic blend of Liquid Gold into a new category - with easy, heat-and-eat Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles. 60-seconds in the microwave and done. It's a quick meal that The Rock Father can break out in-between making peanut butter sandwiches and feeding babies.

"Why Can't I Get My Oldest Daughter to Eat Pizza?" This is a question that haunts and baffles me as a parent. I've long held that Pizza is the perfect food - a dish that can include all the possible food groups in one, tasty, disc. I can't get Addie to try it, and that saddens me. I mean, she wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese's, but won't touch the pizza. Regardless, The Rock Father is a Pizza Snob... or maybe a Pizza Gangster. Not quite like Pizza the Hutt in Mel Brooks' SPACEBALLS, but I know what I like. It's probably partially due to my Chicago-area upbringing, but I'm pretty discriminating in my pizza preferences, and that means discounting even some of Chicago's "famous" places as being overrated and not that good. I take the battle to the frozen food aisle as well.

Earlier this week, I did a post about 10 Cool Lunch Boxes for Kids. What I didn't touch on then was what to pack in those lunch boxes, and with Back to School season in full-effect, the folks from Annie's, HONEST Kids, Organic Valley, and Stonyfield (all of which have some representation in our fridge & pantry) have stepped-in with an appropriately-named movement called ROCK THE LUNCH BOX. Data shows some interesting numbers when it comes to lunches, and it's something I'm paying attention to - especially since I have one extremely picky eater here at Rock Father HQ. Take a look at the infographic below for some stats... 

Monday, July 29 2013 12:20

Back to School: 10 Cool Lunch Boxes for Kids

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Back to School. I do believe that this is the very first Back to School post that I've ever done on The Rock Father. While we didn't have a real "break" since we kept her in activities this summer at the same place... with the same teachers... and mostly the same class... our oldest will be Back to Preschool this Fall, and that got me thinking about one of the coolest aspects of the season: New supplies. That said, I'd been looking at lunch boxes (and totes and bags) and decided to compile some of my favorites here on the site. Take a peek at the list below. I've even given you some rock to listen to while browsing...

I need to buy a grill. Even though I won't need one for the coming Fourth of July Weekend, that's what I'm thinking as I type this post right now. There is currently no grill here at Rock Father HQ, as my last gas grill was in need of replacement and ended up being snagged by a scrapper from the curb before the garbage man even got to it. That said, I have done zero grilling in 2013, and that needs to change. Why am I thinking grilling right now? Well, it's because Julianna and Natasha over at Yahoo!'s Cinema & Spice recently whipped-up some recipes inspired by THE LONE RANGER (out July 3 via Walt Disney Pictures), and I just finally opened the email that contained them. Is it wrong that when I hear "Hi-Ho Silver, Away!", I think of THE OAK RIDGE BOYS, and not THE LONE RANGER? Let's see what grilling goodness they've cooked-up... 

Disney's MONSTERS UNIVERSITY has arrived on movie screens this weekend, and while we haven't seen it yet, we're certainly not immune to the media infiltration by Sully and Mike Wazowski. A prime example? The ladies over at Yahoo!'s Cinema & Spice whipped up some MONSTERS UNIVERSITY-inspired recipes that keep the "college" theme in mind... and then emailed them to Rock Father HQ so I could share them with you. Check 'em out below...

My coffee addiction is pretty well-documented at this point, and as the work-at-home father of two, I use the caffeinated goodness as fuel. We received a Keurig for Christmas last year (thanks, Auntie Jill!) and that's put the convenience of hot coffee front-and-center here at Rock Father HQ, and it's definitely increased my consumption. While I like my coffee black (like my metal! \m/ \m/) most of the time, on occasion I like a "coffee drink" (anytime the blackness is altered) with some flavor, and knowing this, the folks at International Delight asked me to share my ID with all of you. I dig International Delight (which I've mentioned before), so sharing my ID just seems right. My ID is Cinnabon.

I'm going to be 100% honest here... but Mother's Day is three days away, and I'm still not sure what we're going to do for my wife here at Rock Father HQ. It's been an exceptionally busy week (we're always busy, but this one had some extra challenges), and as many of you know - my wife works long hours at her office while I take care of the kids. She works hard... doing a job that I could never do, and I always feel that she's not appreciated enough. One idea floating is the possibility of a special breakfast, and with that I've been looking at some recipes.

Being The Rock Father, my days are long and action-packed. After all, I'm a work-at-home Dad with a pair of young daughters (8 months, 3 years) that require constant attention while my wife works long hours at her "normal" job. Figure in the daily routine of maintaining this website, doing the occasional freelance gig, and having fun adventures with the girls, and I need fuel. I'm a coffee junkie. 

The folks over at Eggland's Best Eggs got in touch with The Rock Father to help spread the word about a FREE COOKBOOK that they're offering through February 15th. Their second original eCookbook, "Your Best Recipes" (a $9.99 value) features the Top 20 recipes from the first nationwide Eggland’s Best “Your Best Recipe Contest”. Thousands of entries were submitted by at-home chefs and bloggers, and this collection highlights creative ways of using EB eggs.

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