Only July 15, Sony Pictures will bring filmmaker Paul Feig's new vision of the GHOSTBUSTERS to the big screen, and today a new trailer for the film has arrived... and it's a good one. Despite all the remakes, reboots, reimaginings and whatnot that have come along in recent years, the 'net crowd has thus far treated GHOSTBUSTERS unusually (and unfairly) harsh in recent months, fueled largely by the first trailer, which confusingly did have a "30 Years Ago..." tag, despite the fact that this GHOSTBUSTERS film and the 1984 classic are not connected from an "in-world" standpoint. Personally, I think the movie looks fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing it. Check out the new trailer below, and be sure to keep your browser pointed toward TheRockFather.com/ghostbusters for a special content hub that will soon emerge ahead of a #GhostbustersWeek Event coming to the site in July!

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I've attended more than a few sausage parties throughout my life, so when an email from SONY hit my inbox at Rock Father HQ this evening alerting me to their SAUSAGE PARTY EPK, I wasn't sure what they were going for. Then I remembered... there's a naughty film coming out, what's being touted as the "First-Ever R-Rating CG Movie" - meaning: DON'T SHOW THIS TRAILER TO YOUR LITTLE KIDS. You see, they'll want to see it - but it will terrify them! Check out the Red-Band Trailer below...

After a special trailer premiere event in Los Angeles yesterday, the long-awaited, yet perhaps divisive trailer for Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS arrived from Sony's Columbia Pictures this morning. The rebooted franchise is back in theaters this summer, more than thirty years after the beloved original took the world by storm. While there's certainly a nostalgia factor at play here - even noting the original Ghostbusting foursome of the original at the start of the trailer, the 2016 GHOSTBUSTERS is a fresh start, outside of the continuity of the 1984 film and its 1989 sequel. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth are strapping on the Proton Packs this time around. Well, Hemsworth, maybe... if he put down the hammer. See the trailer below...

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Wednesday, September 23 2015 16:08

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE has a teaser trailer...

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE has a trailer. It's actually been a little while since I've been so underwhelmed by a simple preview, but this first taste left me with no desire to see the film whatsoever. When ANGRY BIRDS was first announced, I wondered if a 2016 release date would be well beyond the shelf life - because after all, this is a movie based off of an App. I still wonder, and I like the occasional round of ANGRY BIRDS, ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS or ANGRY BIRDS TRANSFORMERS when the mood strikes. But this... despite a great cast of talent... is just, blah. Is THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE May 2016's first flop?

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According to star Seth Rogen, THE NIGHT BEFORE is a movie that "was made by Jews about Christmas and opens on Thanksgiving." That's completely accurate, and Columbia/Sony Pictures' forthcoming Xmas comedy marks the first time that I've kicked-off a Holiday Movie Season by featuring a film that's completely not family-friendly. In fact, unless you work somewhere really cool, the just-released red-band trailer is probably not even safe for your place of employment. Funny enough, Rogen's church scene is pretty close to my own visits to a house of worship... minus the Star of David sweater. 

When it comes to "family" entertainment, the 90s are sort of a lost decade for me. Growing up in the 80s and then working in the entertainment world in the 00's - the 90s were the decade where I was growing up, rocking out, and in the end - getting married. A ton of really popular stuff came out that I totally missed (lots of Nickelodeon/Disney Channel shows for sure), and one thing I totally would've been into had I been born a bit later is R.L. Stine's GOOSEBUMPS series. Being more than a little into monsters and such, seeing Jack Black jump into the role of an author with potential to unleash werewolves and evil snowmen into the real world is something that's pretty intriguing. Check out the trailer for SONY/Columbia Pictures GOOSEBUMPS below...

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