The Ecto-1 in 1984's GHOSTBUSTERS is no doubt one of the most iconic vehicles of film and television, a symbol from the 80s that will last for all time. While it's the '84 version most-often seen (and reproduced in 1:1 replica form), I've always been a big fan of the car as it appeared in 1989's GHOSTBUSTERS II, upgraded after falling into disrepair (if you'll recall, the Ghostbusters had hit some tough times), cleaned-up and packed with new gear and a ton of flair. As a big fan of Mattel's Hot Wheels (and their Retro Entertainment and HW Screen Time cars), getting my hands on an Ecto-1 or Ecto-1A had escaped me for years, with numerous versions of my preferred 1:64-scale released and becoming hot items on the secondary market. That's changed now, as both have been reissued in a Classic GHOSTBUSTERS 2-pack ahead of the 2016 reimagining!

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As #GhostbustersWeek begins, we're looking at the home stretch in which questions will be answered as many continue to discuss Ivan Reitman's 1984 GHOSTBUSTERS vs Paul Feig's 2016 GHOSTBUSTERS. Having loved the first two films (indeed, I enjoy 1989's GHOSTBUSTERS II) and not yet seen the latest, what I can say is that there's plenty of room for both the old and the new - men and women alike. On the pop-fashion front, designer DoOomcat is celebrating both crews - the men of '84 and the women of '16 - with a pair of t-shirts offered via my ally, TeeFury: Old Guard and New Guard.

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It's #GhostbustersWeek...

Hi-C Ecto Cooler (1987-2001, 2016-?) is an absolutely legendary beverage. Back in the late 1990s, when I met the girl who would eventually become my wife, I would drink Ecto Cooler seemingly by the gallon, right alongside another creation of The Coca-Cola Company - SURGE. Following the triumphant, fan-led return of the latter beverage back in 2014, Ecto Cooler officially started hitting the streets again this past May, the idea being that the drink, spawned from the success of THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS cartoon series (Slimer once adorned the packages) and which maintained a preseence on store shelves nearly a decade past its run, would once again reign supreme as audiences prepared for the release of Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS: ANSWER THE CALL on July 15th. Indeed, Ecto Cooler is back! But can you find it?

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Sony Pictures' ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE is something that's escaped us thus far this summer. The Rock Daughters have seen (an been photographed with) the giant cardboard standees at the local movie theaters, have watched some of the cartoons on Netflix, and were quite hooked by the trailers for the film... but we just have't been able to see it just yet. To make things even a bit more taunting, a few weeks back, my friends at Spin Master sent us an assortment of ANGRY BIRDS movie toys that have been in my review queue here at Rock Father HQ, tempting the girls to crack them without me, if only because we were faced with an unusually busy June. That's changed now, as we did a nearly 40-minute "Live Unboxing" via Facebook Live, a version of which has been edited for YouTube, allowing a full look at a factory case of 12 bagged collectible ANGRY BIRDS figures, along with the Vinyl Knockout Playset and TNT Invasion Playset!

On July 15, Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS hits theaters, and as the film picks up steam, more GB-goodness has been oozing out like Ectoplasm upon the masses. Today comes another piece of the film's original soundtrack, "Ghostbusters (I'm Not Afraid)" - an update to Ray Parker Jr.'s classic GHOSTBUSTERS theme, this time performed by FALL OUT BOY featuring MISSY ELLIOTT. While I dig the tune, I'm partial to some other GHOSTBUSTERS covers out there (to be fair, this is more "inspired-by" than a direct cover), many of which I've written about in the past - including those from the likes of MELO-M, HOOBASTANK and LEO MORACCHIOLI.  With #GhostbustersWeek coming to THE ROCK FATHER Magazine next month, you can bet we'll have a playlist in order. Check out FALL OUT BOY's new jam below!

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32 years ago today, GHOSTBUSTERS premiered in theaters, winning audiences and creating a global fandom that will last for eternity. With Ivan Reitman's 1984 original film returning to theaters tonight for a special engagement via Fathom Events, and Paul Feig's all-new GHOSTBUSTERS tale arriving on July 15, Sony Pictures has declared today GHOSTBUSTERS DAY... something I can fully support, especially as a teaser for what's coming... July 10-15, 2016 is #GhostbustersWeek here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine, but for now it's GHOSTBUSTERS DAY! Let's kick it off with the new song by ELLIE KING, "Good Girls," from the GHOSTBUSTERS Original Motion Picture Soundtrack...

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