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Five Essentials for a Perfect Vampire Summer Vacation Movie Night...

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With summer in full swing, we've entered the big summer movie season both in theaters and at home. For regular readers, it should be no secret that we're big movie fans, and while the traditional cinema experience can be a cool break from the hot summer temperatures, our family loves going to the drive-in, and we also love showing movies in our backyard theater right here at home. Backyard movies are a great way to bring the neighborhood together, and depending on what you're showing, it can also lend itself to some fun themes. Since Sony Pictures Animation's Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is arriving in theaters on July 13, here's five essentials for throwing a Hotel Transylvania double-feature to get re-acquainted with how the story of Dracula and Mavis began. You'll be all caught up before Drac's pack sets sail on a monster cruise ship helmed by a Captain who holds a mysterious secret that could threaten them all!

Pop Secret Hotel Transylvania 3

Sunscreen: Now you might be asking yourself why I would include sunscreen when a summer movie night is happening, well, at night? Quite simply, while we're over the hump when it comes to the summer solstice, the days are still longer, and that means looking out for our vampire friends' sensitive skin. If they arrive for some outdoor fun early, there's a solid chance that the sun will not have set completely, and that means there's still a danger for some harmful rays. And for our human friends, it's always a good idea to rock some SPF as well! Like that old song said, "trust me on the sunscreen."


The Movies: When you're throwing a monstrous party, your guests will enjoy some appropriate entertainment. Picking the right movie depends on a lot of factors, but since Hotel Transylvania 3 is in theaters this summer, there's no better double-feature than a pairing of Hotel Transylvania (2012) and Hotel Transylvania 2 (2012) to get a refresher on the entire saga! They're perfect for the entire family and all of your wacky friends.

The Snacks: It almost goes without saying, but popcorn is absolutely mandatory. Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter has been my favorite for ages, and the kids love it, too! It's delicious with great butter flavor and it's the perfect snack for sharing with friends. Additionally, Lance sandwich snacks have become a movie staple for us as well (let's just say they fit well in your pocket when going to the theater - shhh!). We already pack these tasty little sandwich crackers in the girls' lunch bags during the school year, but the real cheese and peanut butter is a crowd-pleaser come movie night. There's also a ton of variety, so kids and grownups alike have been loving these for over 100 years. So in theory, Dracula and the gang were probably munching these back in the 1920s. I just picked up more of these on my last trip to Meijer.

Delicious Lance Sandwich Crackers

The Gear: I've said it before, but the equipment required for a backyard theater is really simple. To build your own backyard theater, you really only need these five simple items: 1) An LED projector; 2) something to project from (iPad/Tablet/Laptop/Blu-ray Player/etc; 3) Speaker/Speakers; 4) proper cables to connect all the devices; 5) something to project onto - Screen/Wall/Fence/etc. You can go basic and inexpensive, or you can go elaborate and costly - totally whatever you choose, but I'm betting Dracula would be on the frugal side.

Bug Spray: While certain insects are certainly desirable, summer tends to bring out the worst in certain areas. For us here in the upper Midwest, the mosquitoes are a growing problem, and on some nights that's unbearable. Now, bats do enjoy snacking on mosquitoes, though contrary to some widely-spread claims (based on outdated information from the 50s and 60s), they don't really eat up to 1,000 an hour (a discussion for another time). So while some of your vampire friends may indulge themselves on a few of those fellow bloodsuckers, it's best to protect yourself and your friends by providing some appropriate insect repellent. Believe me, Wayne, Wanda and all the wolf pups will really appreciate this as well.

Once you've got these five essentials in order, you'll be set for a fine night of monstrous fun for the whole family!

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