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Well, HELLO there... Gobble Gobble!

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It's Thanksgiving week, or as I like to think of it, that big speed bump on the highway between Halloween and the December Holidays. It's a time when things slow down, and part of that is simply because of all the eating - a lot of eating. Actually, Halloween is probably the true kick-off to the Holiday season, because October-December are all linked by an unseen evil that lurks with every meal, sweet and treat - the potential for cavities. For Halloween I tried to balance things out by staying "cavity-neutral," giving kids both candy and toothpaste... the naturally-friendly kind from Hello Products.  If there's a sugar rush, kids should also feel a need to rush to brush to protect those pearly whites - even if they're not "grownup teeth" just yet. Knock on wood, neither of The Rock Daughters™ have yet to have a cavity! But now, Thanksgiving... Gobble, Gobble!

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Back when I started this website, I had no idea it would end up leading to more travel than I'd ever done before. After all, the whole idea was that I'd be a work-at-home dad and be spending the majority of my time with our daughter. Fast-foward a bit and that's still mostly true, but it's now daughters (plural) and the scope of things has totally changed. I'm traveling a lot, which means not only time spent in the confines of those flying metal tubes, but also a lot of time in airports... and the worst part: those dirty buses and trains that shuttle around the airports. A lot of people equals a lot of germs, and since I tend to get run-down, that means I get a lot of colds. When the folks at Zicam® asked if I'd throw down a few words about my ongoing war against colds, it was easy to say "yes" since I've been using their product for ages anyway.

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Rebooting my Wellness Routine: Part II - Energy

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As I mentioned last month, I'm in the midst of making another go at rebooting my own personal wellness routine. It's a daily struggle, and there's a lot of different components to it, a big one being energy. Getting back into my regular workout routine (something I'm still building back up to) is perhaps the biggest piece of the puzzle, followed by eating right and taking the proper supplements. With the amount of daily running I already do with the kids, I'm looking toward the holiday season in hopes that I can up my game. It's all part of that "mind-body balance," hence I've added some Nature Made® VitaMelts Fast Dissolve Energy (Vitiamin B12 1500mcg) into the mix, along with some Chewable Vitamin C to help boost my immune system during my travel dates. I have a bad habit of getting run-down, 

Monday, October 10 2016 21:45

Rebooting my Wellness Routine with Nature Made

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This post is sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central.

Spinning back the clock a couple of years, many longtime readers might recall my "2014 Fitness Challenge" here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine, and my quest to get fit. I changed my diet, joined a gym, and began a routine that did me well. I was posting regular updates on the site, and even into 2016 I posted "gym selfies," but as some noticed, those became less frequent. Making a lifestyle change is a big deal, and you have to do it when it's right for you. Unfortunately, my plans were derailed a few times, first with gallbladder surgery in January of 2015 that knocked me out of routine, and again with a knee and hip issue. I'd dropped around 40 pounds, and now it's all been gained back. The time has come to get back into my routine, and a big part of that is overall "wellness" - not just the weight loss and strength training (which I'm getting back into again), but the things I'd not considered the last time around. One of those things is digestive health, and while picking up my supplements at my local Walmart Supercenter, I recently added Nature Made® Advanced Dual Action Probiotic into the mix. Yep, digestive health!

Wednesday, September 28 2016 22:24

An Hair-Raising Message from The Future...

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The following message was sent via electronic letter to The Rock Father from The Rock Father of the Future...

Hello Me, meet the real me -- 

No, you're not dreaming. I'm you. You're me, and it's time we had a little talk. I'm from the future, and yes I greeted you (me) with a lyric from a song from 1992, but that's of no consequence right now. What might be a little more confusing is that I'm from your alternate future - the one you're not going to end up living because the conversation that we're having right now is going to negate that. Think of me as the "Future You" from alternate 1985, after the time machine got stolen and things ended up getting thrown out of whack. Don't worry, The Rock Daughters are fine. Addie has an incredibly successful family practice and Finn is doing fantastic at NASA. Jen is still on you to take better care of yourself, and yeah, the hair is an issue.

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