STAR WARS Day is the celebration of Fandom for all-things relating to "a galaxy far, far away," and if there's one thing that STAR WARS is synonymous with, it's merchandising. George Lucas pretty much single-handedly set the standard for Pop Culture merchandising in the late 1970s, licensing his creations for the gold standard in collectibles, the original 12 Kenner Action Figures. Now, under the Disney umbrella, the onslaught continues, with an exclusive line of merchandise rolling out at Disney Store today, but with other retailers and licensees getting in on the May 4th Action. Below is an assortment of STAR WARS deals from around the web, most of which even Watto would approve. 

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I'm not sure who (if anyone) was actually "fooled" by this, but as I finally catch up on emails here at Rock Father HQ, I thought it was pretty cool that the folks at ThinkGeek actually put out a legit press release for one of their notoriously-awesome April Fools jokes. It's become a running tradition over there for an assortment of fake products to arrive on April 1 each year (some have even become real), and 2013 is no exception. Personally, the STAR WARS Death Star Trench Toss is my favorite, but the PLAY-DOH 3D Printer got the full PR treatment.

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