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Watch & Rock: HELMET - Gigantor (1995)

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Back in 1995, MCA released a fantastic compilation called SATURDAY MORNING: Cartoons' Greatest Hits. Produced by Ralph Sall for the Bulletproof Recording Company,  the album was a fantastic concept that has stood the test of time in our house. I'm going to take a deeper look at the album here on The Rock Father™ in the future, but for right now - watch & rock with HELMET and their slamming cover of the theme song to GIGANTOR. I believe that my toddler truly appreciates the breakdown that occurs at 1:17. I caught a wee bit of moshing, I think. Any child that is exposed to the works of Page Hamilton will have a bright future, indeed.

JEWEL has been making her mark on the family music genre, with her albums THE MERRY GOES 'ROUND (which I reviewed on The Rock Father™ right here) and LULLABY remaining chart-toppers long since release. Now comes word that the folks at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star have released LULLABY VERSIONS OF JEWEL, a collection of ''lush instrumental versions of classic lullabies and her most beloved tracks.'' Check out the full tracklisting and a preview stream of the TTLRS version of ''Hands'' below.

While browsing the racks at Record Breakers in Chicago last night (part of the Reggie's complex), I happened to notice the Record Store Day exclusive version of Rockabye Baby's Lullaby Renditions of THE SMITHS. That record led to a discussion about kids music with one of the employees in the store, who informed me that something cool is about to take place for music-loving parents and kids: THE AGGROLITES will be performing their Yo Gabba Gabba! song 'Banana' as part of a FREE IN-STORE FOR KIDS on Saturday, May 19th, 2012.

Sunday, April 22 2012 10:28

EARTH DAY 2012 - How will you take part?

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Today is Earth Day 2012, and if you've been visiting The Rock Father for a bit, you might've noticed our EARTH DAY NETWORK PLEDGE Box off to the right on the Gardening blog. We pledged to plant a garden, which is something that will continue having a positive impact long beyond a single day. It's important to remember the Earth not just today, but on the other 364 days of the year. What will YOU and your children be doing to celebrate Earth Day?

If you've got kids, have an affection for Kindie Rock, and can get to Brooklyn next weekend, then KindieFest is the event for you!

KindieFest is the place to be for fans, friends, and those involved with the family entertainment scene. I was invited to this (thanks, Stephanie!) but am a party pooper. I'm normally not a big ''event'' guy as-is, but with a new baby due in less than two months, I'm just not up for a trip to NYC from Rock Father HQ in Illinois...  this year. But if YOU can get to Brooklyn? Absolutely clear your schedule for April 27-29, and get ready to rock. Full details below.

THE AVATARS OF THEY, the sock-puppet alter-ego of THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS have released a new music video for their song, Goatee. The song comes from their unfinished album, STRAIGHT OUT OF THE SUITCASE, and is available on the TMBG podcast on iTunes. Check out the video below... I can tell you that it's approved by The Rock Father and Daughter, as I have an 8-inch goatee, and my daughter just rocked out to the song while talking to the puppets. GOATEE!

Somewhere out there, I'm betting by collection of HE-MAN and THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE figures and vehicles still exists. Meticulously cared for and sold around 1988 or so, I have a feeling that it's been tossed around on the collector's circuit by now. It's yet another piece of my own childhood that I wish was still here in my garage or something. While the toys are long gone, I still watch the old FILMATION cartoons, and in fact, I had both HE-MAN and SHE-RA showing in the background via qubo last night as I continued work setting up the nursery for daughter #2. Now, what might be the definitive documentary on the popular toy line is headed our way.

I miss record stores. There was a time when they were abundant, and I would visit many of them on a frequent basis. At one point, I took what I call the 'corporate detour,' and entered the world of big business and big box retailing. My 'dirty little secret' is that from 1996-1998 I worked for Walmart, after which I defected to Super Kmart, lured by headhunter to higher pay and better opportunities. Walmart was not happy. You see, not only was I very good at my job, but I'd just returned from their yearly 'Rah, Rah!' company meetings (held in Kansas, City that year) and revealed my departure about a week later. They paid me out for all remaining vacation time, and I was able to enjoy some relaxation before starting the new gig. You might wonder why I'm telling you this today, and the answer is simple: Rock was involved. Actually, more than just Rock... but all music. Record Store Style.

It's Earth Day Weekend, and the celebration is on here at Rock Father HQ. If you're been following our Gardening Blog here on The Rock Father™, you already know how much fun the little one and I have been having with Growums. This awesome program ''gives some character'' to popular vegetables with an interactive website that nurtures the real-world growing experience through virutal garden expertise. Right now, you can enter for a shot at getting your choice of one of six unique Growums Gardening Kits!

It's Earth Day Weekend, and to celebrate, The Rock Father™ has some cool giveaways to share! For this round, I'm giving readers a chance to score a copy of NATURE JAMS, the excellent new album from FARMER JASON and Buddies. The album was bestowed a 4.5 out of 5 Rating when I reviewed it last month, and it's a great collection to break out when having a fun afternoon outdoors. In order to enter, you must 'LIKE' both The Rock Father and Farmer Jason on Facebook. If you already like us, that's cool too, as the software will know and count the entries. You get one entry each for liking both pages! Hit the Rafflecopter box below and get those entries in. Good Luck!

Proving that nothing can ever happen entirely trouble-free, our Growums had a mishap this week. After doing quite well up until now, we were intending to wait maybe one more week until planting them in a raised garden bed here at Rock Father HQ. Everything was right on schedule when Carin the Carrot sent over an email alerting us that it's planting time, but with this weird weather, it just felt right to wait a little while longer. One of our dogs did not agree with this decision.

Pack up the kids and hop in The BattleTram, because it's time for an adventure. In what seems like it should've been an obvious move in the first place, the folks at Fearless Records announced this afternoon that THE AQUABATS! now have children's clothing available! I hope this means that THE AQUABATS! SUPER SHOW! is doing big numbers, because it needs to continue. Not since the 80s have I religiously cared about a Saturday Morning Television offering.

New York-based DOG ON FLEAS are getting ready to release their new album, INVISIBLE FRIENDS next Tuesday, and tonight we've got a taste. The band has released a music video entitled There's A Band In My Head, which can be viewed below. According to the band themselves, the 'Dog on Fleas' recipe goes as follows... 

It's kinda weird that both FARMER JASON and THE OKEE DOKEE BROTHERS have used the title ''Can You Canoe?'' for releases in 2012, but since the ''same title'' issue happens all the time in other musical realms, I guess they all get a pass. In the case of the latter, THE OKEE DOKEE BROTHERS literally took a month-long canoe trip down the might Mississippi River last summer, experiencing nature while breaking out the guitar and banjo for some music jamming action. The end result of that journey is being presented in a CD/DVD collection called CAN YOU CANOE? as the first installment of a planned ''Adventure Album'' series for familes.

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THE WHITE STRIPES just got Lullabied!

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I'm late on posting this because it's been a busy week. That said, the crew from Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star sent over the full announcement for LULLABY VERSIONS of THE WHITE STRIPES, which was released digitally this past Tuesday. I think we'll see Jack and Meg back together one day. You know, Jack White is releasing some rare WHITE STRIPES on vinyl for Record Store Day this weekend. Those are on his own Third Man Records. As for the lullabies, check out the press release, and preview stream. Wait, THE RACONTEURS are here too? Well, Steady as She Goes...

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