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James Zahn

James Zahn

About James: A work-from-home Dad with a pair of daughters (Released in 2009 and 2012) - James Zahn is THE ROCK FATHER™. 

Bringing over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry into the family realm, Zahn is an Illinois-based Entertainment Writer, Media Personality and Commentator.

He serves as a PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent), has made guest appearances as a member of the Sprout Kindness Crew, was featured in the Father's Day issue of Lake County Magazine, and is a former contributor to Chicago Parent.

Creatively, James has directed/edited music videos, lyric videos, and album trailers for the likes of FEAR FACTORY, DIRGE WITHIN, PRODUCT OF HATE, ARCANIUM and others, has appeared as an actor in feature films and commercials, written comic books, and performed in bands.

James and/or his work have been featured in/on CNN, NBC, G4, The Chicago Tribune, Blogcritics, Fangoria, Starlog, The River Cities' Reader. Slowfish, Oil, and more. He's appeared as a music expert on CNN's AC360, and in 2013 he's been quoted on CNN, Babble, The Huffington Post, and The Good Men Project, in addition to making appearances on ABC News and WGN.

Learn more here

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Website URL: http://www.facebook.com/therockfather

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway - Win CHUGGINGTON: SNOW RESCUE on DVD!

 Holiday 2014Ludorum's CHUGGINGTON just kicked-off it's fourth season on Disney Junior, delighting kids with fun and colorful adventures, while reinforcing early social readiness skills. Now, just in-time for the Holiday season comes CHUGGINGTON: SNOW RESCUE (out December 9), a new DVD collection of episodes filled with wintery goodness, including the title special, which will debut on Disney Junior this Fall. While I'm recommending this as a perfect stocking stuffer in my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, Anchor Bay and THE ROCK FATHER are teaming up to get one lucky reader a copy to call their own. Preview the DVD and enter below!

Watch: Documentary Trailer for R.E.M. by MTV Arrives...

On November 24, Rhino will release REMTV, a six-disc DVD collection culled from the vaults of MTV - an outlet that unintentionally became a major partner for R.E.M. throughout their career. As part of the set, Alexander Young has crafted a feature-length documentary, R.E.M. by MTV, the trailer for which was just released today. In addition to appearing on the box set, the doc will also debut simultaneously on Palladia and VH1 Classic on November 22. Check it out below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...


Now THIS is how you properly deal with a leak, folks. After someone snuck a relatively high-res bootleg copy of the AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON teaser trailer to the internet earlier today (it should've come out next week), MARVEL stepped up and gave their audience exactly what they want: A prompt, official release. Tweeting "Dammit, Hydra" in concession, get your first-look at 2015's epic-looking new entry into the MARVEL Cinematic Universe below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

Listen & Watch: SIA Updates an ANNIE Classic - "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile"

ANNIEThe 2014 reimagining of ANNIE is coming to theaters this December, and today we have a new taste of what a contemporary take on the soundtrack will sound like. The first single just hit iTunes, with Australian songstress SIA serving up her version of "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile." Now, I grew up on the 1982 film (my sister and I even had the action figures for it), and my oldest (5) just did her first theatre camp this past summer doing a version of ANNIE largely based on that version. While my nostalgia is there, this is definitely ANNIE for a new generation, and I think kids are gonna love it. In fact, my little Addie says "It's really great," after hearing the SIA version. Take a listen below and share your thoughts...

Folgers Flavors: Four New Ways to #RemixYourCoffee

FolgersTHE ROCK FATHER has partnered with Folgers for the #RemixYourCoffee promotion.

It was just over a year ago that I first paid a visit to Orrville, Ohio to spend some time at the Corporate Headquarters of The J.M. Smucker Company. There I had a chance to visit and explore the Folgers coffee lab, an experience that led to an entry about some uncanny connections to my family history, specifically my Great Grandfather, who spent much of his life as a coffee taster. I love coffee - many different kinds of coffee (a habit I've spoken of frequently here on the site), and one of my favorites is the Folgers Black Silk - a bold, but super-smooth variety. While I often drink it black, the Folgers crew recently launched their first-ever collection of "coffee enhancers" with the release of Folgers Flavors. These small, squirtable bottles let you add a splash of flavor to your favorite brew, as little or as much as you'd like, in Mocha, Caramel, Vanilla or Hazelnut flavors.

31 Days of Halloween - Killer Kickstarter: Tote-Ems Plush Toy Monsters

For today's entry into 31 Days of Halloween 2014, we have something different - something not intended to be today's entry. In fact, TOTE-EMS MONSTER PLUSH came from out of the shadows and onto my radar via one of the darkest, most sinister places on the internet: Kickstarter. Now, I don't cover a lot of crowdfunding projects anymore (please, read this before submitting), but once in a rare while, something strikes me... or in this case, sinks its fangs in like a vampire's bite. It's a project perfectly-launched in time for Halloween, and one with a ton of potential. Toy designer David Murphy (a 15-year pro who's worked on a ton of Disney licenses including a little property called FROZEN) has created over 100 characters for his Tote-ems line, complete with full backstories for each. These little creatures have stretchy arms, a snapping function, and are ready to go wherever kids are. Watch the video below and let David give you the full scoop...

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