In the true spirit of what a "teaser" should be, the first official trailer for 2017's live-action POWER RANGERS movie dangles a carrot in front of its audience - barely showing the suits, and not giving us a single look at the mighty 'Zords that the 'Rangers will no doubt pilot. But Lionsgate's new adventure is looking really good. Set to "I Walk the Line" by Halsey (get it on iTunes),  it's a moody, very different version of the former MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS...

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I've attended more than a few sausage parties throughout my life, so when an email from SONY hit my inbox at Rock Father HQ this evening alerting me to their SAUSAGE PARTY EPK, I wasn't sure what they were going for. Then I remembered... there's a naughty film coming out, what's being touted as the "First-Ever R-Rating CG Movie" - meaning: DON'T SHOW THIS TRAILER TO YOUR LITTLE KIDS. You see, they'll want to see it - but it will terrify them! Check out the Red-Band Trailer below...

The DC Extended Universe is growing by a massive amount in 2016, and what follows the March release of Zack Snyder's BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is the August release of David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD. The villain team-up might come as a surprise to casual fans familiar with The Joker, but not the rest of the 'Squad, but tonight's official trailer debut should do wonders in introducing the concept to the world at large. Quite simply, it rocks, and the fact that QUEEN's "Bohemian Rhapsody" serves as the soundtrack doesn't hurt. Probably the finest use since Wayne and Garth...

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Tuesday, November 10 2015 11:47

Trailer: Disney•Pixar's FINDING DORY!

Disney-Pixar's 2003 film, FINDING NEMO is another example of a modern classic that my wife and I saw and purchased prior to having kids. Now, a dozen years and two kids (for us) later, the trailer for the long-awaited sequel just made its debut on THE ELLEN SHOW, and I've got it for you here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine. FINDING DORY puts the Ellen DeGeneres-voiced forgetful fish in the spotlight, and here's your first look at what will be swimming into theaters in June of 2016!

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Wednesday, September 23 2015 16:08

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE has a teaser trailer...

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE has a trailer. It's actually been a little while since I've been so underwhelmed by a simple preview, but this first taste left me with no desire to see the film whatsoever. When ANGRY BIRDS was first announced, I wondered if a 2016 release date would be well beyond the shelf life - because after all, this is a movie based off of an App. I still wonder, and I like the occasional round of ANGRY BIRDS, ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS or ANGRY BIRDS TRANSFORMERS when the mood strikes. But this... despite a great cast of talent... is just, blah. Is THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE May 2016's first flop?

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On February 12, 2016, the sequel no one saw coming is headed for theaters. Paramount Pictures' ZOOLANDER 2 arrives 15 years after Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson first hit cinemas as fashion icons Derek Zoolander and Hansel - finding our heroes under fire by a new enemy that wishes to take them out of the fashion business. After a leak last week, the official teaser is here, and it seeks to answer one of life's eternal questions...

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