This is one of those situations where I get very conflicted. On the surface, there's a start-up company looking to crowdfund a project that they believe in. The intentions seem good, the product solid, and the market is there. Underneath, the problem is that I don't particularly like the product, it'll be obsolete quick, and I wish that the market wasn't there. TEK RECON, which launched it's Kickstarter this week, is being touted as "The First Real-Life Video Game," and was called a combination of "Nerf and Halo" by CNET. It's guns. It's kids. It's tech. So many problems...

For someone that doesn't have an iPad or tablet, I sure do cover a lot of App-related stuff here on The Rock Father. Why? Because so many of you are rockin' those digital devices with your little ones! If you're an iPad user and are looking for a cool last-minute Mother's Day Gift, the folks at Storypanda have a neat idea: You can make a custom digital storybook with their Apps for FREE through Sunday night. Regularly priced at $1.99 & $2.99, six of their book Apps have been marked to $0. When they hit me with the info on it tonight, they said it was "So Easy a Cat Can Do It." Check out the video below to see how Storypanda works...

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DisneyJr Mag App IconDisney Publishing Worldwide hit The Rock Father with some exciting news for tech-savvy kids and the parents who let them use their iPads: Disney Junior magazine now has an enhanced digital edition for the iPad and iPad Mini, available now on the Apple Newsstand. Building upon the success of the Disney Junior programming (88 million viewers worldwide) Disney Junior magazine has been available in-print alongside Disney Princess, Disney·Pixar Cars, Disney Fairies, Phineas & Ferb, and Marvel Super Heroes. Now, as the first digital mag from Disney, young readers can experience the content in new, interactive ways.

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EARTH DAY was yesterday... an occasion we marked here at Rock Father HQ by purchasing a portable greenhouse to hold our seedlings as we ready things for a new season of gardening. While a "day" is fine to learn about and celebrate the Earth, the National Wildlife Federation encourages kids and families to do so every day... and their iOS Apps are a fun way for kids to learn. To celebrate Earth Week, NWF has made two of their popular RANGER RICK Apps available at a 60% Discount through April 29th. Check out the details below...

Sunday, April 14 2013 00:25

Toy Review: Zimmiz (App Toy)

Back in January, the folks from Zimmiz asked if they could dispatch one of the alien creatures from "Planet Zimmi" to pay us a visit here at Rock Father HQ. Not one to resist the opportunity to check out some new toys, I accepted the offer, and soon a little green Zimmi was sitting on our doorstep. He'd "come a long way..."

I know a lot of you that read The Rock Father are fans of MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC. Even if you're not a fan yourself (Perhaps you're a Brony? Maybe you're a Pegasister?), there's a strong likelihood that your kids are (like mine), so the world of Equestria is still a part of your life. Knowing that a lot of Rock Father friends are into MLP, the folks over at Mimoco sent over a brand-new Rainbow Dash MIMOBOT - an 8GB USB Flash Drive customized as the colorful pony, complete with her prism-spectrum mane, lightning-cloud cutie mark, and undeniable charisma. If you're lucky, Rainbow Dash will soon make a journey from Rock Father HQ to your house.

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