PBS KIDS VIPIt's going to be a pretty sweet day in the neighborhood when an all-new Valentine's Day episode of DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD debuts on PBS KIDS this Monday, February 9th (check local listings for times). "It's Love Day" and "Daniel's Love Day Surprise" are the two adventures in the new episode, both of which will help reinforce Fred Rogers' "enduring messages of love and acceptance." Check out a preview below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

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Nicholas Sparks knows how to grab those heartstrings and violently rip them pull on them in just the right way to evoke an emotional response from his audience. Whether it be from his original novels or their cinematic adaptations, Sparks' work is roughly 99% effective in producing tears, and that's why it's so appropriate that THE BEST OF ME is being issued in a special "Tears of Joy Edition" just in-time for Valentine's Day.

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The Rock Father is a Wild Ophelia Blogger Posse MemberWhen I first came across Chicago-based Wild Ophelia's all-natural chocolates last summer, I was intrigued by the vast array of unique flavors that had been crafted by artisans across the country. Now, as a member of their "Blogger Posse," I occasionally get to try out some new flavors and assortments, most recently their new Valentine's Day varieties: Tart Cherry Caramel Milk Chocolate Bites and New England Style Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Bites. These little hedgehog-shaped chocolates are so good, I couldn't keep that to myself (and I didn't, my daughter gobbled some up)... so YOU are getting a chance to win a box.

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It's 2am on Valentine's Day and I stayed up so I could share the Midnight (West Coast) premiere of "Lover Not a Fighter," the fourth video from MISTA COOKIE JAR & THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS' second album, ULTRAMAGNETIC UNIVERSAL LOVE REVOLUTION. This 1970s-style throwback to the SOUL TRAIN-era features AVA FLAVA and is a Valentine's jam for the whole family. Check out the groovalistic funkiness on The Rock Father below...

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Since it's officially Valentine's Day (we had Addie's party at school yesterday), here's a pair of seasonal songs perfect for sharing with your little ones. Below the jump you can check out videos for GUSTAFER YELLOWGOLD's "Keep it Simple Sweetheart" (from the excellent YEAR IN THE DAY) and DidiPop's "Happy Valentine's Day to You" (available on iTunes). Also, stay tuned to The Rock Father as word on the street is that Mista Cookie Jar will be unleashing something special later today! 

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Updated September 7, 2014 - After a year-and-a-half on the Windows Phone platform and experiencing problems with devices made by both Nokia and HTC, I can no longer support or recommend the Windows Phone Platform.

1997. That was the year that I became highly desirable to women... wait. Let me start this off a bit differently. 1997 was, according to my wife, the year I "ruled Walmart." She likened it to the way that "jocks" rule the halls of a high school... the way my friends and I, my crew... ruled a certain Walmart in the South Suburbs of Chicago. She reiterated this tonight when I told her that I was going to be writing a Valentine's Day-inspired "How We Met" blog as a part of my affiliation with Microsoft as a member of Team Windows Phone. "You guys were the sh**," she said.

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