I'm always intrigued by, and in some cases bummed that a lot of the new baby products weren't around when I could actually use them for my own girls. Even in the jumps between the release of our first daughter in 2009 and the sequel in 2012, there was so much cool stuff that didn't exist just three years prior, and here I sit with my youngest now two, and it's really set-in that my days of having a "baby" in my life are over. But, for those of you that are just entering your parenting adventure (or perhaps starting a new chapter in it), goumikids is a new player on the scene - a Portland-based company founded by two Moms (Lili Yeo and Linsey Ebuen), longtime friends on a mission to improve the lives of not only those around them - but Global residents as well.

When people find out that I'm an at-home Dad, there's often an image that comes to mind that is not quite accurate, and is largely fueled by the "TV depiction" of stay-at-home and work-at-home Dads: A group of four or five guys standing around a park with outward-facing babies dangling from their chests. If this happens anywhere, I have not witnessed it, nor been a part of such a gathering in the past 4+ years of my career as a parent. When I have seen babies worn by other parents (and sometimes myself), the big question has always been "which way is the right way - inward or outward." It's been the subject of vigorous debate among parents, but the folks at Boba Family just might have the answer, and that answer is inward.

VOLBEAT is one of those bands that has an interesting level of crossover appeal among rock and metal fans. You always run across people you wouldn't expect to dig 'em, yet they're all over 'em. Then again, I've run across several people that I figured would love some VOLBEAT, and they absolutely can't stand 'em. Me? I'm in the middle and find them to be overrated and overplayed around these parts (particularly their latest album), but I really like 2010's BEYOND HELL/ABOVE HEAVEN. If you dig 'em and want to introduce your baby to their music, the folks at Roma Music Group have a new collection out this week to help you do just that. Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star: LULLABY VERSIONS OF VOLBEAT hit iTunes today. Check out "Lola Montez" below, along with the full tracklisting and cover art.

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After dipping their toes into the Disney waters with the release of LULLABY VERSIONS OF THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS back in October, the crew over at Roma Music Group is gearing up to release Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star: LULLABY VERSIONS OF DISNEY CLASSICS on December 10th. This new collection features 18 songs made famous in movies like TOY STORY, THE LITTLE MERMAID, SNOW WHITE, CINDERELLA, and more. While the original songs were certainly kid-friendly from the get-go, these lullaby versions present them as mellow instrumentals perfect for your baby's nursery. Pre-orders are up on iTunes right now, with "When You Wish Upon a Star" as an instant download. Preview that track, and check out the tracklisting below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

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125chevelleAs far as I can tell, the official announcement hasn't even been made yet, but information regarding a new collection of lullabies from Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star has hit the net via a product listing at Amazon (who I won't link to until they begin working with Illinois-based affiliates again). LULLABY VERSIONS OF CHEVELLE is set for a January 7, 2014 release date, bringing a dozen of the Chicago band's biggest hits and fan favorites into a new realm: nursery-friendly songs for baby. Check out the tracklisting below, right here on The Rock Father...

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It is my duty to warn you that the video that I am about to share is most certainly not-family-friendly, and also probably not-safe-for-work, unless you work somewhere really cool. What just happened is that GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus (who may have Dave Brockie in his belly) recently sat down at the offices of Loudwire in Manhattan for a reading of Margaret Wise Brown's classic children's book, GOODNIGHT MOON. Now, being that this site is called "The Rock Father," you should understand the significance of why I'm posting this... It's the singer of GWAR reading a book that I, as a parent, have read to my children countless times. If you've read it, and understand the mighty power of GWAR, you will appreciate this video. If you do not understand the metal majesty of Anarctica's finest band, I urge you to read a different article, right now (this one is good). You have been warned.

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