With Rock Father's Day fast-approaching (June 15), it can be expected that there's a lot of new dads out there - or even some soon-to-be dads (and Moms!) - that dig a little throwback hair metal from time to time. For those about to rock their nursery, my friends at Roma Music Group have been building quite the library of lullabies based on the works of popular artists. Whether you hope to have a rock star baby, a hard rock and metal baby, or even a pop star, jam band, soul or musical-loving infant, they have something for you in their Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star collection, and with LULLABY VERSIONS OF HAIR METAL POWER BALLADS having just-been released, they've teamed-up with THE ROCK FATHER to get five (5) lucky readers hooked-up with digital downloads of the new record, just in-time for Father's Day. You know, I don't think I'd be out of line in stating that many children have likely been conceived to the original versions of these songs...

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For the past few years, BEN DRAIMAN has been growing an audience with his piano-driven music, some of which has been showcased on his EP, THE PAST IS NOT FAR BEHIND (iTunes | Amazon). He's also no stranger to cover songs, and has notably tackled a couple of songs made famous by another Draiman - his brother David, and his band DISTURBED. Last Fall, Ben made waves when his version of "Stricken" (iTunes | Amazon) started making the rounds, but today I'm reaching toward something a little more obscure... in the form of a live cover that Draiman performed last summer in Israel. Check out "I Remember You," originally by SKID ROW, below...

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61J-1gzXLnL. AA125 Though it was released back in April, I've only recently started spinning THE WAY LIFE GOES, the long-awaited solo album from CINDERELLA frontman TOM KEIFER, here at Rock Father HQ. My earliest memories of Keifer's work in CINDERELLA were shaped in large part thanks to MTV and the local carnivals, where bands like his could be heard alongside BON JOVI, POISON, SLAUGHTER and many others of the era, blasting from the Flying Bob's or the game section, where crowds of black-shirted teens would try their hand at winning a wood-framed mirror bearing the logo of their favorite band. CINDERELLA's NIGHT SONGS was released just two months prior to my 10th birthday, and I missed out on seeing the entire "glam era" live and in-concert, and my album collection was being dominated by HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS and BOBBY BROWN records, along with the soundtracks to SPACEBALLS and POLICE ACADEMY 4: CITIZENS ON PATROL. By the time I'd really become aware of CINDERELLA and moved into full-on rock mode (High School), the band was nearing it's first end. Fast-forward nearly two decades, CINDERELLA has reunited and hit the road a few times, and now, here I sit listening to the debut solo album from "the voice of CINDERELLA." And it's good.

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The Rock Father is pleased to present a special guest blog from Phil Shepley of Dad Vs. Spawn...

Who says that 80s hair metal was only about sex, drugs and rock n’ roll? Perhaps back then it was, but now it’s about so much more. It’s about being a parent.

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51Bn-C762CL. SL160 Ahhh POISON... Whenever I hear the band I'm taken back to a place long ago that can be relived just about every summer in small towns across America. I'm at a carnival; the "Flying Bob's" is spinning around blasting the sounds of "Unskinny Bop" while the smell of diesel fuel and funnel cakes permeates the air. Down the midway there's a young lass hawking for suckers to throw down a couple of bucks to toss a few darts at balloons with hopes of winning a cheap mirror embossed with the familiar green POISON logo. Meanwhile, down in the beer tent a cover band nears the end of their over-dramatic performance of "Every Rose Has It's Thorn," while the frontman scratches his nuts while scoping out the crowd searching for the emotionally-damaged drunk he'll be in the sack with later that night...  "Nothin' But A Good Time" I tell ya...

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