"It was my 27th birthday and my wife, Rebecca, had a wonderful little surprise for me that day. We had 'pulled the goalie' for about a month, so we were definitely trying to get pregnant," explains DANNY ADAMSON, rhythm guitarist and vocalist for Seattle's THE NOT-ITS!, while discussing the day he found out that he'd soon become a father for the first time. "She went and bought a little onesie or unisex baby outfit and wrapped it up like a birthday gift for me - I think she may have even included the pee test she took! It was a wonderful surprise - I was pretty excited when I found out." With THE NOT-ITS! gearing-up to release their fifth full-length album, RAISE YOUR HAND, on July 15, Adamson took some time to discuss his life as a "Rock Father" ahead of #RockFathersDay 2014.

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