UPDATE #2 - Three+ Years Later: As of 2016, a new line of Sofia the First Toys are being created and sold by Just Play Toys, thus negating this original article... unless, of course, you happen to come across old stock that could still be floating around from 2013. And, in fairness, we did eventually buy some of the later Mattel releases and they were just fine. In fact, the Royal Prep playset is still played with regularly... years later.

UPDATE: Since posting this entry, Rachel Cooper, Senior Manager of Public Relations for Mattel, got in touch. After speaking with her on the phone this evening, I can tell you that Mattel is well-aware of the problems, and that the line has gone through a "complete overhaul." This means that new shipments of merchandise should start arriving in August as part of an inline change. Families that have purchased defective or sub-standard product can contact Mattel Customer Service for a free replacement from the new batches as they arrive. Rachel made it very clear that Mattel is sorry for any issues or disappointment.

There is trouble in Enchancia. Royally-bad trouble, I'm afraid... and as a parent - and a writer - this is one of those times where I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but more than happy to raise the flag to spread the word and hold accountable those who are responsible. Parents and Children across the country are discovering that there's BIG problems with the new line of toys based on Disney Junior's SOFIA THE FIRST. Specifically, the collection of 3-inch scale Dolls (action figures?) by Mattel, and all related accessories, including the "Magical Talking Castle."

Disney is going back to it's roots by placing renewed focus on the little mouse that started it all. A brand-new series of 19 short-form MICKEY MOUSE cartoons are rolling out on the all-new Mickey & Friends Website, and are available for mobile viewing on the free Mickey Video App for iOS Devices. A true throwback to 1928's STEAMBOAT WILLIE, these new Mickey Mouse cartoons will debut online after premiering on The Disney Channel. The first four are available now, and a look at the making of the new series can be viewed below...

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I need to buy a grill. Even though I won't need one for the coming Fourth of July Weekend, that's what I'm thinking as I type this post right now. There is currently no grill here at Rock Father HQ, as my last gas grill was in need of replacement and ended up being snagged by a scrapper from the curb before the garbage man even got to it. That said, I have done zero grilling in 2013, and that needs to change. Why am I thinking grilling right now? Well, it's because Julianna and Natasha over at Yahoo!'s Cinema & Spice recently whipped-up some recipes inspired by THE LONE RANGER (out July 3 via Walt Disney Pictures), and I just finally opened the email that contained them. Is it wrong that when I hear "Hi-Ho Silver, Away!", I think of THE OAK RIDGE BOYS, and not THE LONE RANGER? Let's see what grilling goodness they've cooked-up... 

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Disney's MONSTERS UNIVERSITY has arrived on movie screens this weekend, and while we haven't seen it yet, we're certainly not immune to the media infiltration by Sully and Mike Wazowski. A prime example? The ladies over at Yahoo!'s Cinema & Spice whipped up some MONSTERS UNIVERSITY-inspired recipes that keep the "college" theme in mind... and then emailed them to Rock Father HQ so I could share them with you. Check 'em out below...

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SELENA GOMEZ has announced a July 23, 2013 release date for her new album, STARS DANCE. Available for pre-order now on iTunes, the 11-song set will be released by Hollywood Records, with fans who pre-order being granted an immediate download of Selena's new single, "Slow Down." Check out a special teaser video below, along with the complete tracklisting and cover art.

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gracepotterGRACE POTTER & THE NOCTURNALS have just released a live performance video for the title track from their latest album, THE LION THE BEAST THE BEAT. Their fourth studio album, THE LION THE BEAST THE BEAT made it's debut last summer at #17 on Billboard's Top 200, while sliding into the #10 spot on the Digital Albums Chart. Check out the video here on The Rock Father, then grab the Deluxe Edition of the album on iTunes.

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