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Disney's The BFG: Family & Fate - A Conversation with Steven Spielberg and Ruby Barnhill

The BFG is something that I had spent years off and on developing. Many, many, years. And I must say many, many conversations with Steven (Spielberg) who I kept saying, ‘This is really right for you.’," recalled Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy when I spent some time with her at the global press event for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS last December. We were just a day or two out from the first teaser for Disney's The BFG, and Kennedy, whose collaboration with Spielberg dates back over three decades, was taking a momentary break from a galaxy far, far away to share some insight on a project that she'd invested much time in, and one that finally clicked at what could've been an inopportune time. "Within I would say a month after I decided to take over Lucasfilm he called me up and he goes, ‘You know, I read the script again and I really wanna make the movie.’ And I was, like, ready to go through the phone and strangle him!," she said with a smile and a chuckle, noting that the delays in making the The BFG actually served it well in that "the technology has caught up with making the film," allowing Spielberg to make something "quite spectacular." So why The BFG and why now? According to the director himself, "fate."

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