DC Super Hero Girls is pretty popular here at Rock Father HQ,  and one of the most popular students at Super Hero High is Harley Quinn. While she may have shed some of her villainous edge (grownups can see that in full glory when SUICIDE SQUAD hits theaters this August) for the animated shorts and family-friendly adventures, she's still pretty feisty (and prank-happy), and in a new episode she's "gone viral" with a blog post that inspires "Harley Fever," and eventually her own convention... Harley-Con. Will the excitement go to her head? Of course it will! Check out the latest DC Super Hero Girls video below...

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When I first wrote about DC Super Hero Girls just over a year ago, I knew that the initiative would be something special - a long-overdue chance to fill some gaps in entertainment and play. As parents of two young girls, my wife and I have seen the little ones embrace iconic superheroes like Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl (along with their male counterparts) without really having anything substantial to back it up, quite unlike the multitude of other pop culture interests out there. These characters were underutilized to reach new generations, their stories and adventures scattered through un-unified worlds and mediums. DC Super Hero Girls changed all that, bringing together the female heroes and villains of the DC Universe into a new realm - placing them as High School-aged students learning their paths in life, but in a way relatable to younger kids. With an online animated series, books, toys and more, it's all been given purpose - a mission that DC's Diane Nelson described as "stories of empowerment, inspiration and optimism." First rolled-out exclusively to Target stores this Spring, DC Super Hero Girls toys and products will go out en masse starting in June, with the full collection of poseable action dolls and figures starting to hit the toy aisles of retailers everywhere. The folks at Mattel recently sent us the first wave of six action dolls to check out, and we're presenting them now in this edition of UNBOXED + PLAY!

Comic books are certainly a family affair, and when it comes to those for younger readers, the work of Chicago artist Art Baltazar comes to mind - particularly SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES, TINY TITANS, and DC Comics SUPER-PETS. The latter recently spawned a new line of plush toys that are based on the lesser-known sidekicks of some Earth's mightiest heroes. Indeed, every Super Hero needs a Super Pet, and two of the newest plush releases are none other than Superman's (or Superboy, depending on continuity) trusty dog Krypto, and Shazam's cuddly bunny, HoppyDC Collectibles and I have teamed-up to give readers of THE ROCK FATHER Magazine a chance to win one of two pairs of DC Comics Super-Pets Plush! 

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It's been a few months since the first proper trailer for Warner Bros.' SUICIDE SQUAD arrived for consumption, and with the release of BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE (reviewed here) now behind us, it's time to get audiences ready for what will be the next installment of the DC Extended Universe. I think the film looks great, but it's probably a good thing to start getting casual audiences primed for the fact that this is a film that exists in the same world as Ben Affleck's BATMAN and Henry Cavill's SUPERMAN... and we'll see more of Batman in this film, he being what most agreed was a highlight of BvS. While the last trailer rocked to QUEEN's "Bohemian Rhapsody," this one pairs our anti-heroes with the music of SWEET's "Ballroom Blitz." Is there a music supervisor on this film that has the 1992 soundtrack to WAYNE's WORLD sitting around? If we get a Harley Quinn-centered trailer soundtracked to JIMI HENDRIX's "Foxy Lady," I think we'll have a definitive answer. Take a look...

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While audiences were packing the cinemas in support of BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE this weekend, one thing I couldn't emphasize enough was that it wasn't for small children (read my review here). What is for small children is next year's The LEGO Batman Movie, starring Will Arnett as the voice of The Dark Knight himself. After nearly a million people viewed the first trailer on YouTube over the past few days, LEGO Batman couldn't be upstaged by his live-action counterparts, with Alfred throwing down a history of The Caped Crusader's on-screen adventures in a second teaser trailer... Wayne Manor-style! Check it out below...

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When I was a kid growing up in the 1980s, I was undeniably a “DC kid.” While I had an appreciation for MARVEL’s stable of heroes including Spider-man and Captain America (and the SECRET WARS toys were way cool), my allegiance was planted firmly with the residents of Metropolis and Gotham City, and all of their counterparts living within the pages of DC Comics.

Reruns of the 1966 BATMAN aired regularly on Channel 32 in Chicago, while the SUPER FRIENDS cartoon fueled my desire to get my parents to buy me more of Kenner’s SUPER POWERS Collection action figures. Christopher Reeve’s SUPERMAN films were a regular viewing staple, with the under-appreciated SUPERMAN III and the fairly bad SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE watched more times than they should’ve been, thanks to HBO. When it comes to the source material - the actual comics, it was John Byrne’s 1986 MAN OF STEEL that truly hooked me with it’s then-more grown-up portrayal of the character. Superman was my #1 for a few years, and then the summer of 1989 came around and Tim Burton’s BATMAN hit the screen, and ever since it’s been The Caped Crusader as my #1, with “The Big Blue Boy Scout” as #2.

As an adult, I’ve been there right with everyone else in appreciating how well-handled the MARVEL Cinematic Universe has been cared for at Disney, and while their 13-strong film series continues to grow, my heart is still with Batman and Superman...

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