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James Zahn

James Zahn

About James: A work-from-home Dad with a pair of daughters (Released in 2009 and 2012) - James Zahn is THE ROCK FATHER™. 

Bringing over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry into the family realm, Zahn is an Illinois-based Entertainment Writer, Media Personality and Commentator.

He serves as a PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent) Blogger, has made guest appearances as a member of the Sprout Kindness Crew, was featured in the Father's Day issue of Lake County Magazine, and is a former contributor to Chicago Parent.

Creatively, James has directed/edited music videos, lyric videos, and album trailers for the likes of FEAR FACTORY, DIRGE WITHIN, PRODUCT OF HATE, ARCANIUM and others, has appeared as an actor in feature films and commercials, written comic books, and performed in bands.

James and/or his work have been featured in/on CNN, NBC, G4, The Chicago Tribune, Blogcritics, Fangoria, Starlog, The River Cities' Reader. Slowfish, Oil, and more. He's appeared as a music expert on CNN's AC360, and in 2013 he's been quoted on CNN, Babble, The Huffington Post, and The Good Men Project, in addition to making appearances on ABC News and WGN.

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Website URL: http://www.facebook.com/therockfather

PBS Digital Studios Announces First Scripted Series, FRANKENSTEIN M.D.

Is it too early to start thinking about Halloween? The correct answer to that is it's NEVER too early to be thinking about Halloween, and that's exactly what I'm thinking of now, as the folks at PBS Digital Studios in collaboration with Pemberley Digital have announced that they're putting a modern spin on the classic novel FRANKENSTEIN with their first scripted series, FRANKENSTEIN M.D. Three episodes will premiere on the PBS Digital Studios YouTube channel Tuesday, August 19, with the full run set to feature 24 episodes, each between five to eight minutes. New episodes will roll out weekly on Tuesday and Friday for 10 weeks, culminating in a dramatic Halloween finale on Friday, October 31.

The Great American Road Trip: 1,900 Miles, Six Days, Three Hotels, and Infinite Adventure...

Around 30 years ago, my parents took my sister and I on a road trip to Washington, D.C. Along the way, we stopped at several locations in Pennsylvania, making memories that have lasted a lifetime. With our girls hitting two and five this year, my wife and I decided it was time for our first family vacation - and as such, it was to be a road trip. We plotted several potential courses, with the Philadelphia area set to be the focal point and ultimate destination for a couple of reasons. First off, we were going to finally take Sprout up on a long-standing offer to stop by the Comcast Center and see Chica at the Sunshine Barn during a visit to the set of THE SUNNY SIDE UP SHOW. Second, we wanted to head for Langhorne to visit SESAME PLACE. During our planning, we attempted to pack in as much as possible, with potential stops in Washington, D.C., New York City, West Virginia and Cincinnati on the chart. Instead, we strategically plotted our trip to be centralized in PA - visiting some iconic locations in Philly (but scrapping the Sprout visit), our big trip to SESAME PLACE, a visit to THE CRAYOLA EXPERIENCE in Easton, HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE WORLD in Hershey, and a swing back through Ohio to visit my friends at SMUCKER'S on our way back to Northern Illinois.


I distinctly remember sitting back in my seat on a Chicago-to-L.A. flight back in April of 2009, watching ADIOS... PUTA MADRES, the DVD companion to MINISTRY's 2008 C U LaTOUR - what was supposed to be the band's swan song. But, if the years have taught us anything, it's never say "never" when it comes to the sonic activities of Uncle Al Jourgensen and the gang. After all, 2007's THE LAST SUCKER was MINISTRY's "final" album, until 2012's RELAPSE and 2013's FROM BEER TO ETERNITY arrived. So here I sit, just five years past viewing the DVD of MINISTRY's "final" tour, and having in my possession what is now being touted as the "final live MINISTRY release," LAST TANGLE IN PARIS - a 1 DVD/2 CD combo pack featuring video from the band's 2012 DeFiBriLaTour, and music from the 2006 and 2008 incarnations of the band.

SDCC: Disney and Sony team-up for DISNEY INFINITY: MARVEL SUPER HEROES Collector's Edition

When it comes to video gaming, I still have not yet entered the "Next Generation," which is technically already here. I've also not yet played DISNEY INFINITY, despite covering news on it for over a year at this point - but the upcoming release of DISNEY INFINITY: MARVEL SUPER HEROES (2.0 Edition) just might be the push I need. But then there's conflict since I've long been a loyalist to the Microsoft XBOX 360, but Sony's PS4 is looking more and more appealing with the news that landed here at Rock Father HQ this evening: Disney and Sony have teamed up for a Collector's Edition for both PS4 and PS3, and a hardware bundle for the PS3 (not sure why they wouldn't go PS4 on that, though). Check out the trailer and specs...

SDCC: LEGO is rolling out the AWESOME for Comic-Con with BATMAN, STAR WARS, TMNT and more...

LEGO Shop at HomeIt's that time of year again, the week when everything awesome in pop culture gets a massive spotlight shone upon it at the annual Comic-Con International in San Diego. This year, LEGO is rolling into the convention center with the big guns out - showing off incredible new offerings from their pop culture brands, including STAR WARS, DC COMICS, MARVEL, THE HOBBIT, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, MIXELS, and of course, THE LEGO MOVIE. I wish I was going this year, if only to get a look at the new LEGO Tumbler from Christopher Nolan's DARK KNIGHT Trilogy, and to pick-up the Classic 1966 Batmobile set - which is real, and not one of the fan designs that keeps getting touted. Take a look at the full LEGO lineup below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER.


Get girly-glam Gear at the Barbie BoutiqueA couple of years ago, Addie and I discovered the series of CGI-animated BARBIE movies that Universal has been releasing one or two times a year. Much to my surprise, they're not bad - and now having viewed many of them, it's incredible to see just how much the quality has increased over the years. The first massive hit here at Rock Father HQ was PRINCESS AND THE POPSTAR (which really needs a follow-up), and it was nearly trumped when Addie found out that there were some BARBIE mermaid movies as well. She loves mermaids, and now that Little Finley is in on the aquatic action as well these days, when Mattel sent us a copy of their latest film, BARBIE: THE PEARL PRINCESS, along with a couple of dolls inspired by the movie (they arrived back in May), excitement was abound, and it's carried well into summer.

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