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James Zahn

James Zahn

About James: A work-from-home Dad with a pair of daughters (Released in 2009 and 2012) - James Zahn is THE ROCK FATHER™. 

Bringing over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry into the family realm, Zahn is an Illinois-based Entertainment Writer, Media Personality, Commentator, Adventurer and Raconteur. 

He writes for Fandango Family and the Netflix #StreamTeam, serves as a Brand Ambassador and spokesperson for several Globally-recognized brands, and consults for a number of toy manufacturers.

Creatively, James has directed/edited music videos, lyric videos, and album trailers for bands such as FEAR FACTORY, has appeared as an actor in feature films and commercials, written comic books, and performed in bands. He currently serves as co-manager and video director for Napalm Records' PRODUCT OF HATE.

James and/or his work have been featured in/on CNN, NBC, G4, The Chicago Tribune, Blogcritics, Fangoria, Starlog, The River Cities' Reader. Slowfish, Oil, and more. He's appeared as a music expert on CNN's AC360, has been quoted in BusinessWire, CNN, Babble, The Huffington Post, and The Good Men Project, in addition to making appearances on ABC News, WGN and more. In the past he served as a PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent), penned articles for Sprout, and was a contributor to Chicago Parent.

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Website URL: http://www.facebook.com/therockfather

Disney XD to Launch LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

The STAR WARS universe is getting bigger again, and this time it's being done brick-by-brick. For the first time LEGO is doing an ongoing series with Disney XD, and it's rooted firmly in a galaxy far, far away. LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures is a comedy adventure series with new characters and old favorites, set to debut on Disney XD this summer.

Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Sia join BEAT BUGS - A Netflix Kids Original Series inspired by THE BEATLES!

Netflix #StreamTeamTwo years ago, news hit that an Australian/U.S. Production company called GRACE had made an unheard-of deal with Sony Music/ATV Publishing to use THE BEATLES' song catalog in a children's series. Now comes the news that BEAT BUGS will debut as a Netflix Original Series this August, presenting over 50 famous songs of THE BEATLES, reimagined by artists such as PEARL JAM's Eddie Vedder, SOUNDGARDEN's Chris Cornell, Sia, Pink, Regina Spektor, The Shins and more - all woven into a world set in a suburban backyard. Check out a teaser and full details below!

Spotify Playlist: THE ROCK FATHER presents COVERED

It took me ages to embrace Spotify as a streaming music service, but now I've turned the corner and have begun to love it for it's potential as a source of music discovery. While I still don't know how the long term will wind-up in terms of converting listeners into buyers, the depth of the library is intriguing, and something I can have a little fun with. Today I'm presenting to you my first-ever curated Spotify Playlist. THE ROCK FATHER presents COVERED is a 3 hour+ genre-spanning collection of hand-picked cover songs. I dig a good cover tune, (hence my "covered" features here on the site), and this is just the start. There's some great ones out there, and this first playlist features 53 tracks including some from FAR, ANBERLIN, FAITH NO MORE, METALLICA, GUNS N' ROSES, JANET DEVLIN, DINOSAUR JR., A LOSS FOR WORDS, ELECTRIC SIX and more. I even snuck in my boys, PRODUCT OF HATE, throwing down their heavy version of OZZY OSBOURNE's "Perry Mason." Check it out below...

STAR WARS HEADSPACE Merges Electronic Music with The Sounds of STAR WARS...

It was incredibly odd and surprising to receive two announcements today about albums that were "inspired by" some heavy-hitting pop culture franchises. While the first was Cybertronian in nature, the biggest surprise was the one from a galaxy far, far away...STAR WARS HEADSPACE. On February 19 digital/March 18 physical, Hollywood Records and American Recordings will release this new collection of electronic music inspired by, and featuring the sounds of the STAR WARS Saga. Executive Produced by Rick Rubin, the 15-track compilation throws down odes on everything from Ewoks to Bounty Hunters, Jabba's Palace to the Mos Eisley Cantina. Check out the tracklisting and a quartet of preview tracks below...

TRANSFORMERS ROLL OUT to Bring a Collection of TRANSFORMERS-inspired Music to the Masses...

There was a time not terribly long ago when "inspired-by" compilations brought forth some interesting new takes on some pop culture classics - with albums like 1995's SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS' GREATEST HITS, or 2006's SOUND OF SUPERMAN coming to mind. Today, some unexpected news hit my inbox about not one, but two (!) albums that are inspired-by some pop culture icons. The first is a collaboration between Hasbro Studios and Sony Music Entertainment entitled TRANSFORMERS ROLL OUT. The 11-song album features BUSH, alongside up-and-coming artists like CRASH KINGS and MOUNT HOLLY, all paying tribute to all things Cybertronian. Available digitally on April 15, two singles arrived for streaming today, just as iTunes pre-orders went live. Additionally, F.Y.E. Stores will be the exclusive destination for CD and Vinyl editions. 

A Zootopian Society: Creating the Characters of Disney's ZOOTOPIA

For Walt Disney Animation Studios' ZOOTOPIA, there was an entirely new set of challenges created by the sheer size and scope of the film. In fact, nothing about ZOOTOPIA was "business as usual," because unlike other "talking animal" movies that we've seen in the past, this film was done with great attention to both detail and scale. When I met with the filmmakers, there was a lot of talk about how the city itself had to be able to accommodate different sizes of animals (like a subway that serves mice and elephants), as well as consideration given to how different species would move, should they begin walking upright on two legs. With so many elements at play, Art Director of Characters (and fellow MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE enthusiast) Cory Loftis,  and a team of animators had to design over 1,000 unique characters, and during a visit to Disney Animation's temporary campus, he took our press group through a little bit of the process... and gave us a lesson in drawing the Ginnifer Goodwin-voiced Judy Hopps.

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