Chicago-based ISTVAN & HIS IMAGINARY BAND have just released the first video from their recent album, SWEET! "Pio Ta GoGo" was shot by Michelle Mike using stop-motion techniques and a smart phone. Check out the cute new clip below...

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HERBERT GRÖNEMEYER is huge. He might not be a household name in the United States just yet, but he's Germany's most successful recording artist, selling over 18 million albums during the course of his lengthy career. Now, with his first English-language album on the way, he's released a new single called "Mensch" featuring BONO of U2, and will be performing his first-ever U.S. shows - in Chicago (Feb 23) and New York (Feb 26). The Rock Father invites you to enter to win a night out with HERBERT GRÖNEMEYER, or for those not in Chicago or NYC, a great prize pack. Details below...

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localhcoverAfter debuting their new video for "Another February" last week (see it here), LOCAL H have released their new EP of the same name. You can stream the new record in it's entirety over at Crave Online, or just grab it now on iTunes. True local boys around these parts, LOCAL H just ooze Illinois through their rock... and it's mighty.

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tossersChicago's THE TOSSERS (who I've seen live and can vouch for as 100% Rock Father-approved!) have released a new digital single, the title track from their forthcoming album, THE EMERALD CITY (out March 5 via Victory Records). Grab the new single on iTunes right now, or check out a preview of the new album below...

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As someone that has worked in the music business off-and-on for over two decades, please listen to me: NEVER TRUST A BAND. They flip-flop (I'm looking at Rob Zombie on this one). They offer vague responses (I'm looking at my favorite band of all-time, FAITH NO MORE on this one). And in some cases, they flat-out lie. Example? Local boys to these parts (that's near Rock Father HQ here in Illinois), FALL OUT BOY are back. Yes, it's 100% official... just 48 hours after bassist Pete Wentz told the Chicago Tribune "don't hold your breath that it's happening."

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I feel that I'm pretty much obligated to share the new video from LOCAL H here on The Rock Father. The reason? LOCAL H actually are local to the area surrounding Rock Father HQ. And this new track, "Another February" spawned a new EP that will be released digitally on February 5th (CD copies will only be available at the merch table on the band’s forthcoming spring tour), and completely describes what it's like to live in the far Northern Suburbs of Chicago during a typical winter. Unlike tonight, which brought with it a thunderstorm and 60 degree heat in late January. Just watch the video...

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