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Recess: The SingleI have a problem with RECESS. No, not the music contained on the new album from Chicago's JUSTIN ROBERTS, but with use of the word "recess." It just might be the most-overused word in the Kindie Rock realm right now... so much so that it's fast-approaching the same level of annoyance that I have for the word "amazing." RECESS is not only the title of Roberts' new album (and a song on the album), but then we have the band RECESS MONKEY... a company called RECESS MUSIC... the opening track on MR STEVE's recent STEVESONGS album was "Recess Rocks," you get the idea. And that's not counting the mainstream music world, where MUSE has a song called "Recess," and then in the hip-hop realm, MISTAH F.A.B. has THE RECESS. Yep, "recess" has officially joined songs with "stinky" and variations on "Five Little Monkeys" (I've heard 666 of those this year alone) as something that really grinds my gears like Peter Griffin. Recess is over. So how about that new Justin Roberts album?

Just North of Chicago, right on the line of where Cook and Lake Counties meet, lies the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe. It's often referred to as "A Treasure of the Cook County Forest Preserve," and for good reason - it's 385 of the most beautiful acres that you'll find anywhere. Despite living near it, and driving by it countless times over the past few years, we recently made our first family trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden for a full day of adventure as guests of the Garden.  

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Chicago!Alright, friends... I get pretty excited when I share news like this. You see, I've actually had (on quite a few occasions) people contact me thinking that THE ROCK FATHER is a New York-based website. The reason? Particularly in Brooklyn, there's been a sort of Kindie-rock explosion taking place these past few years, and thus I cover a lot of artists and news that have an East Coast connection. REALITY: I'm Third Coast... from The Second City, and THE ROCK FATHER carries the Chicago flag high, representing The Land of Lincoln on a Global scale. This is the 52nd article on the site to mention the word "Chicago" within it's text, and today I'm bringing you news of a Chicago-based Kindie-rock band... POOCHAMUNGUS. On September 17, POOCHAMUNGAS will release their sophomore album, BLOCK PARTY!

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victorysamplerChicago's Victory Records are doing things a bit different in terms of their 2013 Summer Music Sampler. Rather than going the Free Download route, they're streaming the 16-track collection via YouTube (embedded on The Rock Father below), while offering physical copies at the Victory Booth at the Vans Warped Tour. 

Turn up your speakers and press play...

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Skillet 155x114Here's a story for ya that comes from my pre-Rock Father days: A decade ago, I was nearing the end of my run at what was perhaps my last "normal" job - as Store Manager of a Sam Goody Record Store - a job that I fortunately left prior to watching the music industry as we knew it completely collapse. While I was still there, a band that was previously from the South somehow wound up in Kenosha, Wisconsin... and subsequently became occasional shoppers at my store (not far from there, in Gurnee, Illinois). That band was SKILLET, and the day that COLLIDE was released, the band stopped in to buy some copies first-hand - an old tradition of sorts for bands on release day. So here we are a decade later, and SKILLET is pretty much huge - having traveled the world, and racking up over 4 million fans on facebook. Now, the folks at Total Assault have partnered with The Rock Father and a few other upstanding websites to give readers a chance to hang with SKILLET in Chicago or Nashville.

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It's the next-to-last week for regularly-scheduled DLC on the ROCK BAND platform as Harmonix wraps things up after more than five years of weekly rock. For those of you still rocking the plastic instruments, CHEVELLE makes their ROCK BAND debut with a trio of tracks. Interestingly enough, these guys hail from a location very close to Rock Father HQ (they even played a local show in Arlington Heights at H.O.M.E. tonight), and back when their album WONDER WHAT'S NEXT came out in 2002, I personally sold a bunch of copies to their families at the Sam Goody store I used to run. Good memories from a time when the music business was still a business fun.

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