I feel that I'm pretty much obligated to share the new video from LOCAL H here on The Rock Father. The reason? LOCAL H actually are local to the area surrounding Rock Father HQ. And this new track, "Another February" spawned a new EP that will be released digitally on February 5th (CD copies will only be available at the merch table on the band’s forthcoming spring tour), and completely describes what it's like to live in the far Northern Suburbs of Chicago during a typical winter. Unlike tonight, which brought with it a thunderstorm and 60 degree heat in late January. Just watch the video...

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Just over 31 years ago (November 28, 1981 to be exact), my parents took me to the Chicago Stadium for something special. The "World Premiere Edition" of WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS' WORLD ON ICE promised "a whole new concept in live and in person entertainment for every member of the family." It delivered on that promise, becoming forever a part of my most cherished childhood memories.

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They've been called "The Anti-BARNEY," "THE WIGGLES' worst nightmare," and "The World's Most Dangerous Kids Band." Quite simply, the BOOGERS are a Chicago-based trio that cranks out high-energy punk rock for kids (and their grownups) that rules. Having previously written reviews of their 2008 debut, ROAD TO ROCK, and it's 2010 follow-up, LET'S GO!, the release of EXTRACTUM VICTORIS marks the first time that I've been able to review a BOOGERS record upon street date. Out this week on Spire Records, how does album number three stack-up against it's predecessors?

Chicago's Victory Records have opened the polls for music fans to vote for the Top 10 Music Videos of 2012 from artists on the Victory Roster. A DAY TO REMEMBER, A HERO A FAKE, CLOSE YOUR EYES, COMEBACK KID, DR ACULA, EMMURE, FALL CITY FALL, FAREWELL TO FREEWAY, GOD FORBID, ILL NINO, JUNGLE ROT, PATHOLOGY, RINGWORM, SISTER SIN, TAPROOT, THE BUNNY THE BEAR, THE ROYALTY, THESE HEARTS, VICTORIAN HALLS, and WRETCHED are all in the running. Check out a special announcement video below, then click here to cast your vote.

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SEVEN DAY SONNET are a local band in the area of Rock Father HQ, and today comes news that the Chicago rockers might be getting ready to hang it up for good.  An email landed here with a link to "Crying My Name," the newest and "possibly last single" from the band. Recorded with Johnny K (DISTURBED, DROWNING POOL, MEGADETH) at Groovemasters studio,  the song can be streamed below or purchased from iTunes.

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With the December 4 release date for their new album, EXTRACTUM VICTORIS fast-approaching, The BOOGERS are back with another new video to showcase their furious brand of family-friendly kindie punk rock. "I Just Wanna Play" is my favorite BOOGERS video thus far, capturing the band in all their RAMONES-inspired glory, throwing down some infectious chords with an underlying message - that Free Play is essential for promoting healthy child development and parent-child bonding, in addition to being FUN. Rock out below!

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