WWEAfter a huge response this past November, WWE is again going to offer a FREE month of WWE Network to new subscribers during February. The announcement comes in the lead-up to WrestleMania 31, which will take place on Sunday, March 29. During the month of February, subscribers will have access to all of WWE Network’s programming including a live podcast hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin this Monday, February 2 featuring Triple H and the all-new, live pay-per-view event WWE FAST LANE on Sunday, February 22. 

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Today (January 14) is National Dress Up Your Pet Day, once again proving that yes, Virginia - there is a day for everything. We have two dogs and a fish, and while it would be a little hard to dress up Lula (the Betta fish, named for a whale on DOC McSTUFFINS), our dogs could possibly be dressed-up, as they have been on occasion in the past. With that in mind (and with some pictures I'm sharing as well), Air Bud Entertainment is using today as the perfect time to announce the in-home release date for their new film, RUSSELL MADNESS.  After making a theatrical bow on February 21 as part of the #FandangoFamily Screening Series,  RUSSELL MADNESS will come to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on March 10.

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WWE Brand AmbassadorLast month, WWE announced that SmackDown was moving back to Thursday nights on Syfy beginning January 15th at 8pm ET. Now, a new video has rolled-out to help remind fans what's up as the second longest-running weekly episodic program in U.S. television history (only behind WWE’s other flagship program, Monday Night Raw) gets ready to shift it's schedule. Have you ever taken a Rorschach test? I took one in elementary school once, but the reason I ask is that these WWE Superstars and Divas just took one...

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#WWEDadsNovember 7, 1985. I was just two weeks past my ninth birthday when my Dad and I hopped in the car and headed north to the Rosemont Horizon for THE WRESTLING CLASSIC, a WWF pay-per-view event for the newly-launched WRESTLEVISION service. It was there that I witnessed some of the true "legends of wrestling" live and in-person... and I can still vividly recall those larger-than-life figures like The Iron Sheik (who entered with a giant Iranian flag), Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Miss Elizabeth, Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, the Junkyard Dog and Nikolai Volkoff, all flying from the ropes and hitting the mat hard. This was at that time when Sports Entertainment was really becoming a huge deal, and it was something that families would enjoy together, kids would discuss at school, and "Hulkamania" would become widespread while Hogan and others began appearing in cartoons, in movies, recording albums, and selling a ton of action figures. Nearly 20 years later, history is repeating itself... but on a little different level.

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