If you're looking for some heavy tunes to spin this Halloween, look no further than Napalm Records' Heavy Halloween Playlist - just launched on YouTube and ready for your streaming and viewing pleasure. Packed with 32 of the "most brutal, bloody and creepy" videos from the Napalm Records roster, you'll find new music and classic tracks from the likes of POWERWOLF, HUNTRESS, MEGAHERZ, ALESTORM, MOONSPELL, and a band that's very near and dear to me... PRODUCT OF HATE. Toplining the Heavy Halloween Playlist is "Unholy Manipulator" - a video that I directed and edited. Originally created as a combination music video/short film while the band was still independent, it stars HELLRAISER's Ashley Laurence as the title character in a not-for-kids slash-fest produced by Robert Kurtzman (FROM DUSK 'TIL DAWN, WISHMASTER) and featuring the production and FX skills of his Creature Corps. The video was reissued with new audio and some updates via Bloody-Disgusting, and the single just hit iTunes. "Unholy Manipulator" appears on PRODUCT OF HATE's debut album, BURIED IN VIOLENCE, out February 5, 2016 via Napalm Records. Happy Halloween!

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When I started this site a few years back, I had no idea where the path would take me. Truth be told, I still don't - but what I do know is that this site exists because of the two beautiful daughters that my wife and I created. While being "The Rock Father" led to THE ROCK FATHER, doing this site has created a lot of opportunities for my girls that they otherwise wouldn't have had, and in turn it's created many professional opportunities for me - the best of which have allowed me to give back to the community, and to all of you that have supported me, my family and this site. One such opportunity came when I first joined The Step2 Company as a "Test Driver" in 2013, later becoming a paid Brand Ambassador for the duration of 2014. As I first revealed in my year-end "Play it Forward" entry, I have indeed signed on for a third, and final year as a Step2 Brand Ambassador... and 2015 is going to be a ton of fun!

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Napalm Records signs PRODUCT OF HATE...

Napalm RecordsThis is a very special announcement for THE ROCK FATHER... since 2010, I have been proud to Co-Manage PRODUCT OF HATE, but above all, they're my friends and brothers. Today the real adventure begins...

Hailing from the Kenosha, Wisconsin area, PRODUCT OF HATE have been crafting their vicious blend of groove, thrash, and new-wave metal for the past few years. Sharing the stage with some of the biggest bands in metal including TESTAMENT, LAMB OF GOD, GWAR, CHIMAIRA, UNEARTH, MESHUGGAH, JOB FOR A COWBOY & LAZARUS A.D.  PRODUCT OF HATE is now set to take on the world.

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There's a very slight chance that you might be having deja vu right now, as I did include the longform music video for PRODUCT OF HATE's THE UNHOLY MANIPULATOR in last year's 31 Days of Halloween. Reason it's back? I directed and edited the video, and it just became an Official Selection of the 2014 Open Wound Horror Film Festival, which means that those attending the Santa Fe Comic-Con next weekend will get a chance to see it on the big screen. When we filmed this, we'd always hoped that it would become something of a "perennial favorite" for each Halloween season, and that looks to be happening. After all, it's got some fairly horrific elements, and since I do run a family site, I wouldn't recommend this one for viewing around kids or at work (unless you work somewhere really cool).

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Step2 Brand AmbassadorKids love to work like Mom and Dad, and there's nothing that embraces that more than giving them a workshop to call their own. As a Step2 Brand Ambassador, I get to check out (and sometimes give away) some of the coolest toys around, all of which nurture imaginative play. This week, I'm really excited to be joining Step2, Thrifty Nifty Mommy, Our Southern Style and Viva Veltoro to get one lucky reader set-up with the Step2 Deluxe Workshop - the perfect place for kids to "fix" their toys and "build" fun projects just like a grownup!

September 17, 2004. That was the very last day that I worked for the late Musicland Group in their Sam Goody division. It was not a "small step," but a "giant leap" into the unknown, the second major risk I'd taken in the early 2000s - the type of dice roll you only take when you can, and for me, a chance I was only able to take thanks to the support of my wife - the same girl that encouraged me to take another drastic measure just a few years prior. The bottom of my "voluntary resignation" form read like this...

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