For the past six years, Sprout has been a fixture in our home. For a short time, prior to the channel's complete transition into a subsidiary of NBC Universal, I even did some writing for SproutOnline as a member of their "Kindness Crew" (posts lost due to their redesign, but rescued here & here). At the heart of Sprout is a little chicken named Chica, and she's been a big celebrity here in our house - big enough that I had a custom puppet replica made before Chica plush was officially available, and at one point I took Addie to meet Carly and Chica in-person. So what does this have to do with Halloween? This year, the folks at NCircle Entertainment have released THE CHICA SHOW: CHICA'S HALLOWEEN ADVENTURE on DVD, and that new release lands here in my annual 31 Days of Halloween countdown...

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If you have a little Sproutlet at home, and you have an iOS device, then this one is for you! Chica, the popular star of The Sunny Side Up Show and The Chica Show on Sprout and NBC Kids has come to the iPad and iPhone in an App version of the CHICA'S ADVENTURE online game. Available for the limited-time pricing of just $0.99 through (my affiliate) the Appstore, full details can be found below...

Sprout Kindness CrewSprout's Kindness Counts initiative has logged nearly 600,000 acts of kindness from children across the country as they continue moving toward their goal of 1 million kind deeds performed by Sproutlets. Meant to "encourage and celebrate everyday thoughtful acts while serving as a tool for parents to reinforce kindness and compassion," Kindness Counts actions are featured each morning on Sprout during THE SUNNY SIDE UP SHOW and with Good Egg Awards. Now, Sprout is nearing the announcement of their first-ever "Chief Kindness Officer," an exceptional preschooler whose kind acts have put them in the running through The Kindest Kid Contest sponsored by ABCmouse.com. Voting is open now, and for each vote received, Sprout will donate $1 up to $25,000 to a national children’s charity, as well as an additional $5,000 in the winner’s name! Check out the finalists below...

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Originally Posted at SproutOnline on 12/05/2013. Rescued via Internet Archive 10/26/2015

As a parent, it’s fascinating to see my daughters learning their place in the world while interacting not only with the other Sproutlets that we might encounter, but also through contact with the creatures that share our space.

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All month, my friends at Sprout have been gearing up for Halloween with their ongoing Sprout Halloween Parade, in which kids can march in place in their Halloween costumes and use the "Send to Sprout" App to submit their video to become a part of the user-generated parade. Now, we're just a week away from when the real treats start rolling on October 28, and the Sunshine Barn takes on a Halloween theme for the Sunny Side Up Show (airing live, 9am-noon ET) and the 24-hour preschool network starts airing some terrific Halloween content. Here's a preview... 

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SproutDo you have a kind kid at your house? If so, you can help Chica and my friends at Sprout in their goal to reach 1 Million Acts of Kindness! With just 408,454 acts reported as of this writing, time is running out as the clock ticks down to the September 30th goal. Additionally, your child could be Sprout's Kindest Kid. Families are asked to provide a photo and short description at this location explaining how their child helped the family, a friend, the community, an animal, the Earth or any other positive everyday contributions. 

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