In less than three months, The Rock Father™ is back on baby bottle duty. With my office (more of a 'command center,' really) centrally-located in the heart of my home, I can think of no better way to keep cold bottles close at hand then having them stocked within a refrigerator that looks like a MARSHALL half-stack. Indeed, such a device does exist, and I can only imagine the possibilities of having a MARSHALL FRIDGE here at Rock Father HQ. Bottles for baby in the top - water and juice for the toddler in the middle - energy drinks for daddy on the bottom. I need this.

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I have a interesting personal anecdote involving THE CULT... Some years ago, in the not-so-distant past, I'd written a screenplay that a ''producer'' wanted CULT frontman Ian Astbury to be a part of. Using a friend of mine who is a friend (and past collaborator) of Astbury as the channel, said ''producer'' (a term to be used in an exceptionally loose manner) pushed the issue (being a big fan of THE CULT), and Astbury apparently read the script - and to my understanding, hated it.

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When you're an independent contractor, whether doing entertainment, a skilled trade, consulting, or anything else - every day is a hustle. For The Rock Father™, that aspect of being a parent (and rock n' roll gangster) can be terrifying. What that means is that I have no set income. Some months I make decent money, while other months I make no money - zip, zilch, zero. Sure, my wife has a ''normal'' gig so I can work-from-home and raise our daughter, but I keep going - working into the wee hours every night, and sacrificing 95% of ''me'' time in order to keep things rockin'. 

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The Rock FatherWhen I became a Father for the first time nearly two years ago, I had no idea that my adventures in parenting would somehow crossover into my online writing. After finding myself a new addition to the growing number of Work-at-Home Dads, I found that while 'Daddy Blogs' exist online, they're far fewer in number than the parenting blogs geared toward women, and that few appealed to my own interests.

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