Every Fall since 2008, I have written about my love for the General Mills Monster Cereals. No matter where those words have been penned, I have always included one, simple request for General Mills... a request that I included last September, right here on The Rock Father: Bring back the "Retro" Boxes.  I'm a Monster Cereal fiend... so much so that I still have a dwindling private stash from last year, and when I tweeted about that stash while munching some BOO-BERRY back on August 5, this happened... 

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If you caught my blog entry for August 7th, you already know that 8/7 is a date that holds massive significance for our family. One reason is that it's Adalyn's birthday, and this year, Addie turned four. She's the reason that this site exists (well, if you get really technical, you could say this site exists because I had sex with my wife at some point in the Fall of 2008), and I've long held that I wish I'd started The Rock Father upon her birth in 2009 rather than waiting until 2011. While I don't have her first two birthdays documented here on the site (I may correct that), I started a tradition of sharing her party starting with #3 last year, and here we are with #4. Yes, Addie is now "four, just like Caillou!", as she keeps reminding me, which makes me think we should've waited to do a Caillou-themed party until this year (it was last year's), but that's ok... Hello Kitty stepped up to the thematic challenge. But that was for a party on August 10th...

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If you're reading this, you already know that I'm a busy, work-at-home Dad with two little girls. That said, I'm often squeezed when it comes to lunchtime around here. I don't necessarily eat "well" all the time, and after getting lunch prepped for the little ones, it's often Daddy that ends up scrounging. Well, the crew over at Velveeta found a new way to bring their classic blend of Liquid Gold into a new category - with easy, heat-and-eat Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles. 60-seconds in the microwave and done. It's a quick meal that The Rock Father can break out in-between making peanut butter sandwiches and feeding babies.

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DOC McSTUFFINS is a big hit around these parts (although we were a little late to the party), and as such, the fact that DISNEY JUNIOR has announced that September 6th will bring the Season Two Premiere is pretty exciting. Before that happens, Doc will hit the road in The Doc Mobile, a 27-foot Custom Airstream Trailer, for a Nationwide Tour that gets started in Boston on August 18th. Learn more about the tour below...

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What will we say when our kids come to us
And ask, with a smile on their face,
"Hey Dad, my friend's got some new ninja swords!
Is it cool if we slash up his place?"
-Excerpt from “Everybody Get Dangerous”
as heard on WEEZER’s self-titled RED ALBUM (2008)
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This is the first year that we've done a real "Back-to-School" here at Rock Father HQ. Sure, Addie just turned four, but she's in "Pre-K" - coming out of "twos and threes" Preschool and getting into the "fours and fives." I registered her yesterday and paid the first month (this stuff is getting expensive), and we did some Back-to-School shopping. As I'm re-experiencing the school world again through my daughter, I can't help but think back to my own school days... and some of the mishaps and misadventures that took place. Including the preventable Mix-Up.

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