It's happened again... and this time the stage is being punny. Last night, as U2 kicked-off their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour at The Rogers Arena in Vancouver, the stage played a sinister joke on guitarist THE EDGE by bending light to trick the axe-slinger into falling from the edge of one of the lighted runways. Thankfully, the 53-year-old David Howell Evans emerged largely unscathed from the attack, continuing the performance just a bit banged-up. The stage has since been put on written warning, and will be replaced should its deviant actions continue. See the evidence below...

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Note: My wife told me last night that she'd prefer I not post this... my annual anti-Super Bowl post. But since it was already written a few days in advance, I'd hate to let it go to waste.

This Sunday, while most of America is spending the evening shouting at the TV... wait a second. I wrote this before, didn't I? Well, yes, I sorta did, on "Super Sunday" last year. So here we are, nearly 365 days later, and SUPER BOWL XLVIII is about to kick-off, and just as I've done for many years prior, I will be watching - or doing - something completely unrelated to the "The Big Game." Ah yes, "The Big Game," the legally-enacted phrase that so many businesses use in place of "Super Bowl" thanks to the NFL's iron-fisted restrictions on people calling the game what it actually is (seriously: Does anyone think that some crappy used car lot really has any kind of official relationship with the NFL?). But then again, I don't like the NFL, either. Funny enough, I didn't even know who was in this year's Super Bowl until yesterday, and just found out where it's happening today.

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From out of nowhere comes this little tune that you absolutely need to hear, especially if you're into (or not into) the work of TRENT REZNOR or his main creation, NINE INCH NAILS. "This is a Trent Reznor Song" comes from Freddy Scott, whose work I was not familiar with until this landed in my Facebook feed about 20 minutes ago. Yes, this is a parody, but it's also pretty damn endearing. Listen to the song in the soundcloud player below... and crank it up!

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Mr. Steve (aka Steve Roslonek of SteveSongs fame) has long been a staple of PBS KIDS, so it was no surprise that he made an appearance at the 2013 PBS Annual Meeting at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach last week. What was a surprise, however, is that he performed a special song that incorporated the names of blogs written by the PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent) Ambassadors - which I, The Rock Father, am a part of. Check out the informal video below, along with lyrics that I've hopefully transcribed correctly.

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I will never have a son. That is a certainty, as my wife and I decided to go out on top and close the baby factory after the birth of our second daughter last June. Indeed, after masterfully creating two beautiful offspring (no modesty here, we made good-looking kids and had fun doing it) we're done. Having a pair of girls, one thing I'll never have to deal with is circumcision. I know it's a hot-button issue for a lot of folks, and I've seen many of my peers in the Parent Blogging Community (both Dad Bloggers and Mom Bloggers) write about it at length. There's social issues... health concerns... and then those pesky religious implications. That said, for those of you dealing with the circumcision debate, one man has the definitive answer: Trevor Moore.

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BATMAN has "met" a lot of unexpected people over the years. Scooby-Doo... Bert and Ernie... and now, the voice of BLACK SABBATH...

Back in February, Comic Book Resources did a feature on "Rock and Roll Superheroes." One of the images from that collection just landed in my inbox over the weekend, a piece featuring a face-off that never really happened... BATMAN Vs. OZZY OSBOURNE. Created by artist Axel Medellin, and featured on his Deviant Art page, "Batman and Ozzy" features the Caped Crusader rockin' the bass while giving The Prince of Darkness a good choke. Check it out below... 

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