Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, and like the Chicago River this weekend, it's time to break out the "green" for some shamrock-themed fun for the whole family. One oddity this year is that Addie's school is celebrating it as "Clover Day," which is a term I've not heard before. If they're trying to be "PC" by de-Sainting it, that strikes me as weird since Christmas and Hanukkah weren't renamed... even if you don't celebrate it, that doesn't change the name (maybe that's just me). Regardless, here's a few pieces of St. Paddy's Day fun...

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51orQmWMRnL. AA115 In a lot of ways, FLOGGING MOLLY is kind of like McDonalds. If that's your thing, you know you like it, and what to expect. Sure, there's new offerings every so often, and you try 'em out - but in the end, McDonalds is McDonalds. Maybe you like it and maybe you don't, but there's consistency. Once in awhile though, you get a surprise. What you were expecting to be the acceptable standard is really, really, good. Shockingly good, in fact. If you already like FLOGGING MOLLY, this is one of those moments.

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