Remember DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB? Yes, the folks with the hilarious viral clip about their "F***in' Great" razor blades that I (like most web jockeys) posted about back in March of 2012. Back then, I said that "I can't vouch for their blades just yet." Now I can... but I'm still lazy as hell when it comes to shaving and buying razors.

The folks over at Oral-B are getting into the Father's Day spirit with a new video that celebrates the "Power of Dad." With over 115,000+ views on YouTube in just 24 hours, the video is a certified viral hit, and one that The Rock Father can get behind. Check it out below...

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This is a month of milestones here at Rock Father HQ. Not only will The Rock Father website officially turn two on Father's Day, but the day before that - my youngest daughter, Finley, will turn one. Being a big month for Dads as a whole, the folks at Lake County Magazine (which covers life here in the far Northern Suburbs of Chicago) have published a "Men's Edition" to follow-up the Mom-centric issue they put out last month. The cover story? Stay-At-Home Dads... and I'm one of three featured. 

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Since becoming a Dad... actually, since starting The Rock Father two years ago, a lot of people send me books about being a Dad. At this point, it's not often that I seek out a "Dad Book" on my own, but when I heard that Ahmet Zappa (a certified "Rock Father" himself) had written a new book called BECAUSE I'M YOUR DAD, I had to reach out to Disney-Hyperion to get a copy. While my intention was to save my review for Father's Day (and my full review is being saved for that occasion), here I am talking a bit about it now, because I've been presented with an opportunity to give a copy to one of you (with a bonus!) to share with a special Dad in your life. I hate to spill the beans before my formal review, but BECAUSE I'M YOUR DAD just may be my favorite book that celebrates Fatherhood. 

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In this digital world in which we live, it's... strange... to deal with the flesh-and-blood loss of human beings with whom you've only connected through an endless series of zeroes and ones. Sadly, I've experienced this awkwardly hollow feeling more than a few times over the past decade or so, and even more troubling is the fact that my online acquaintances that have died, have not done so by accident or "natural causes," but by their own hand.

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Mr. Steve (aka Steve Roslonek of SteveSongs fame) has long been a staple of PBS KIDS, so it was no surprise that he made an appearance at the 2013 PBS Annual Meeting at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach last week. What was a surprise, however, is that he performed a special song that incorporated the names of blogs written by the PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent) Ambassadors - which I, The Rock Father, am a part of. Check out the informal video below, along with lyrics that I've hopefully transcribed correctly.

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