Some of you may recall that I have a bit of history with FEAR FACTORY, having had the opportunity to work with them on some videos for their last album, 2012's THE INDUSTRIALIST. This summer, FEAR FACTORY is back with a new album on a new label, with their Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut set for release on August 7th. GENEXUS is that album, and today the first single arrived, hitting the net with a new lyric video by UK-based editor Scott Rudd. Check out "Soul Hacker" right now...

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People still ask me pretty frequently what exactly I do for a living. I work all the time, though some of my neighbors still think I don't work at all, and some family members still give me the 'deer-in-the-headlights' look at every gathering, prompted by my responses to their own questions of ''What have you been working on?'' Then there's the even more annoying ones that hit me with twenty questions about just how exactly I do certain things. It's very frustrating that they'll never understand or respect the many adventures that I get to have as The Rock Father™ and beyond. My latest adventure? I was given the privilege of creating the new FEAR FACTORY video.

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