15 years ago, Ain't It Cool News posted a story about an "investment trailer" being shot for a movie called 5-25-77 - a film later touted as being "From the Producers of STAR WARS and LOST IN TRANSLATION." That 2002 news item was sourced from an assistant camera operator... yours truly. In the years since, I've written a few times about the semi-autobiographical tale from filmmaker Patrick Read Johnson, both on this site (here's one from 2012) and at one point, a feature for STARLOG Magazine that ran on 5-25-09. Now, after numerous false-starts and premature announcements, this film about Star Wars' "Fan #1" is finally, really coming out... just in-time for the 5/25/17 40th Anniversary of Star Wars. Starring John Francis Daley, Coleen Camp, Neil Flynn, Austin Pendleton and my late friend, Justin Mentell, 5-25-77 will be hitting theaters via Filmio Original Pictures. A new trailer debuted earlier today, appropriately back at AICN with some words from Mr. Harry Knowles.  Check this out...

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5-25-77: It was 38 years ago today that audiences first got to experience George Lucas' STAR WARS on the big screen. But it wasn't quite "in theaters everywhere," and in fact, was quite the opposite. Opening on fewer than 40 screens, STAR WARS (not yet known as "Episode IV" or "A NEW HOPE") was expected by many (Lucas included) to be a non-event. Soon, after audiences began lining up around the block for screenings, the phenomenon began, with some theaters showing the film continuously for over a year. As they say, "the rest is history," and what a rich history it's been, along with the infamous "Early Bird" release (an empty box) of the very first Kenner Action Figures for the 1977 holiday season. For today's special entry into Hasbro's Force Friday Countdown Calendar, three versions of the Kenner STAR WARS Luke Skywalker figure are presented - the 1978 Luke, the 1980 "Bespin Fatigues" version, and finally, the 1983 Luke Skywalker "Jedi Knight Outfit" edition. Two of those I actually have here at Rock Father HQ...

5-25-77: 35 Years Ago, in a multiplex far, far away... STAR WARS hit screens for audiences to experience for the very first time. I was less than one-year-old, but I must've gotten into things pretty early given the pictures that have been floating around. 5-25-12: STAR WARS turns 35.

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If you happen to be into STAR WARS (and don't lie, you are), then this post is for you. A follow-up to my recent blog on the status of Patrick Read Johnson's film 5-25-77, word has come down that Nick Gillard, the sword-wielding badass that trained the actors of the STAR WARS Prequels, is offering up a 'PERSONAL 90-MINUTE ONE-TO-ONE LIGHTSABER FIGHTING LESSON' in an auction to help with the cost of the 30-day road trip that's set to begin this Friday, and be documented in HEARTS OF DORKNESS: A FILMMAKERS JOURNEY. Are you ready to learn from the proper Jedi (or Sith) master?

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I've never posted anything about this here on The Rock Father, but if you've known me or followed my writings online, you've probably seen mention of a film called 5-25-77 at some point over the past ten years. If you live in Lake County, Illinois, or you've fancied yourself a fan of independent cinema, or you consider yourself a STAR WARS fan, then it's quite possible that you also know the film of which I'm speaking. Despite what trolls on sites like IMDb will tell you, 5-25-77 (later '77 then back to 5-25-77 again) is a very real film - and one that was most certainly shot. It is not a hoax, an urban legend, or anything but a film that's been hit with a ton of roadblocks over the years. Now that road has opened up once more.

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