Who is James Zahn?

James Zahn aka "The Rock Father"About Publisher James Zahn:

James Zahn is not a journalist, nor a blogger, though he may be credited as such by others, or even accept the title... depending on the circumstance.  Instead, James considers himself to be an Entertainment and Lifestyle Writer, his first paid assignment taking place in the Fall of 1992, when his words first made print in a landscape dominated by regional entertainment 'zines.

Preferring to reserve "journalism" for more serious, "real" issues, and "blogging" for looser, more informal tales, there has to be a space somewhere in-between for those who bridge the gap, and that's where Zahn has long found comfort, sharing news and reviews as part of the pop culture Gospel, occasionally spinning a yarn as a modern-day raconteur and sometimes "media personality."

As the publisher of THE ROCK FATHER Magazine (born from the nickname he earned upon becoming a father for the first time in 2009), James continues to build a loyal readership that engages and interacts less as "fans," but more as "friends and family" - due in large part to the personal stamp which he places upon his writings, often weaving anecdotes into his entertainment and lifestyle coverage by relating it to life experience. 

And that's just a small piece of the puzzle...

As of 2017, James Zahn is all of the above, in addition to serving as a Brand Ambassador and/or consultant for numerous companies in the entertainment and toy industries, an Artist Manager helping to guide the career of American metal band PRODUCT OF HATE (Napalm Records - U.S. distribution by ADA/Warner, Europe by Universal), a music video director/editor, and an on-air host and commentator for several unique multimedia projects. 

But most of all, James is a mostly-work-at-home dad that's helping to raise two young daughters under the support of a kick-ass wife who maintains a career outside of the home. 

The Rock Family

The Old Bio:

He’s been an actor in television, film, and commercials.
Appearing in a National Spot for WENDY'S circa 2008-09

He’s done voice-overs and has been on the radio.
He’s a published author that has written comic books and screenplays.
He has been in bands, and recorded albums.

James (pictured right) in 1997.

He’s done journalism, but is not a journalist... well, maybe sometimes.
Now, he is THE ROCK FATHER™.

His work has been featured on/in CNN, NBC, G4, the Chicago Tribune,
Fangoria, Starlog, Gorezone, Blogcritics & more.

James Zahn and Corey Taylor
With SLIPKNOT/STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor hosting a webcast in 2009.

He won an Illinois Young Author Award in 1987.

He interviewed FAITH NO MORE on television in 1992 at the age of 15...
MEGADETH, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, and WHITE ZOMBIE would follow by time he was 16.
By the time he turned 17, he's already written, directed, edited, and starred in over 40 ½-hour
episodes of his cable access series.

James Zahn and Dave Mustaine in 1993
James with MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine in 1993

Now he manages bands for fun and irritation.

He appeared on AC360 with Anderson Cooper in October of 2009.

Anderson Cooper and James Zahn
James appears with Anderson Cooper on AC360 on CNN in 2009.

He is a chameleon.


He had an agent until Friday the 13th of August, 2010.
He does not have one right now.

In 2011, he began directing again. 


He’s been a new media consultant for the past five years, yet doesn't want his own website.
He has done a lot more than what is on this list.

In 2012 he directed and/or edited music videos, lyric videos, and album trailers for bands such as

He is not the most interesting man in the world... but a husband, father, and adventurer from Illinois.

June 2012
The Rock Father™ Family on June 15, 2012