I'm fairly certain that I've never set my DVR to record GOOD MORNING AMERICA before, but that changes with the scheduled reveal of what will likely be the final full trailer for ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story set to debut on GMA tomorrow, October 13, 2016. Director Gareth Edwards dropped the news on today's episode of THE STAR WARS Show (see it below), along with the first-look at the new one-sheet poster for the film. I'm just gonna say, I need one of those hanging in my office. Take a look...

I've had some adventures over the years, and from those "past lives" comes a little backstory as to what I'm sharing here today. Back in the early-mid 1990s, while I was playing in bands and doing a little television on occasion, I was also working in print, writing some reviews and features that were often tied directly into regional happenings. One publication that I'd done a bit of writing for still exists today - The River Cities' Reader, based out of Davenport, Iowa. I'd penned some stories for them during my time living in The Quad Cities, but there was one that came about after I'd already moved back to the Chicago area - a 1996 interview with PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul. It was a short piece - a simple promotional article to preview the band's forthcoming show at The Mark of The Quad Cities (currently dubbed the "iWireless Center") in support of their then-new release, THE GREAT SOUTHERN TRENDKILL. With Rhino Records releasing a 20th Anniversary Edition of that album later this month, I snagged this one from storage and am republishing it here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine. While it's nothing groundbreaking, there's a few cool quotes in there that really sum-up a band that I was fortunate to have been able to see a few times while they were touring in their prime. Enjoy...

For the past few years, Halloween Comic Fest has put a spooky, seasonal spin on what comic fans experience each May during Free Comic Book Day. Halloween Comic Fest (October 29, 2016) is a fall celebration of comics that offers families a chance to enjoy fun activities at their local comic shop, with a full assortment of free comics available, along with costume contests, artist appearances and more. This year's lineup boasts 19 full-sized comics, along with 13 mini-comics. Among the books available this year are titles from DC and MARVEL, along with numerous indies, spanning series' such as DC SUPER HERO GIRLS, THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, Star Wars' DARTH VADER, MIRACULOUS: TALES OF LADYBUG & CAT NOIR, GRUMPY CAT, EVIL DEAD, AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE, MY LITTLE PONY, POKEMON and more (see them all here).

Tuesday, October 11 2016 13:03

New Clip - STAR WARS REBELS: The Menace of Thrawn

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Disney XD's STAR WARS REBELS keeps the hit coming, and this Saturday Hera’s rebel supply mission to Ryloth becomes personal when she and the Ghost crew brave overwhelming Imperial forces to recover a memento from her ancestral home in "Hera's Heroes." Today comes a new clip and a batch of images that shows just how menacing Grand Admiral Thrawn can be - a character than fans have long-wished to see more of... a desire now being fulfilled. Check it out below...

Tuesday, October 11 2016 12:37

Here's Another New KORN Song: "Take Me"

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When I first saw KORN perform live some 21+ years ago, I never would've expect that I'd be writing about them on a near-weekly basis in the fall of 2016. But here we are, just 10 days out from the release of THE SERENITY OF SUFFERING (Roadrunner Records, October 21), and yet another track from the album has been unleashed - "Take Me." Debuted this morning over at the Wall Street Journal, the new track brings some of that classic Korn groove to the masses. Check it out below...

The 18" Doll market is exploding right now, and when it comes to affordable options that don't sacrifice quality, I often recommend the Our Generation line of dolls and accessories by Battat, sold exclusively at Target here in the United States. We've reviewed some of the items here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine over the years, and there have been plenty of others that we've purchased that haven't made it into my virtual pages. Recently, I ran into the folks from Battat at The Toy Insider's HoliDAY of Play in NYC and took a peek at some of their new offerings, but what they didn't tell me was something that arrived in my email via press release last week - that they'd partnered with Target to create special "shop-in-shop" Our Generation destinations as a concept inside 19 select stores. Seeing as one of them happened to be located just a short drive from Rock Father HQ, I took our resident OG Doll expert, Addie, to check it out.

Monday, October 10 2016 21:45

Rebooting my Wellness Routine with Nature Made

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This post is sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central.

Spinning back the clock a couple of years, many longtime readers might recall my "2014 Fitness Challenge" here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine, and my quest to get fit. I changed my diet, joined a gym, and began a routine that did me well. I was posting regular updates on the site, and even into 2016 I posted "gym selfies," but as some noticed, those became less frequent. Making a lifestyle change is a big deal, and you have to do it when it's right for you. Unfortunately, my plans were derailed a few times, first with gallbladder surgery in January of 2015 that knocked me out of routine, and again with a knee and hip issue. I'd dropped around 40 pounds, and now it's all been gained back. The time has come to get back into my routine, and a big part of that is overall "wellness" - not just the weight loss and strength training (which I'm getting back into again), but the things I'd not considered the last time around. One of those things is digestive health, and while picking up my supplements at my local Walmart Supercenter, I recently added Nature Made® Advanced Dual Action Probiotic into the mix. Yep, digestive health!

Monday, October 10 2016 09:25


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It's still weird to me what a big deal "emojis" have become, and as I mentioned in my recent feature on the Emojiez toys (read it here), a big-screen emoji adventure (unrelated to the aforementioned toys) is on the way. Today, Sony Pictures Animation announced that Emmy and Tony award winner James Corden (Into the Woods) and Emmy nominee Ilana Glazer (Broad City) will be joining the previously announced T.J. Miller (Deadpool) to lead the cast of summer 2017's animated comedy EMOJIMOVIE: EXPRESS YOURSELF. Along with the casting announcement comes a first-look photo of the first four characters to be revealed - Jailbreak, Gene, Hi-5 and Poop Daddy. Check it out...
Monday, October 10 2016 09:04

31 Days of Halloween: 2016 Halloween Hot Wheels

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Mattel has a long tradition of releasing themed-versions of their popular toys, and holidays have been a big part of that over the years - particularly with Hot Wheels. When fall rolls around, there has usually been a limited-edition Halloween-themed series available as a retailer exclusive, and for 2016 that's true once more... but the exact locations have been a bit trickier to pin down. This year's 8-car Halloween line has been popping up at select grocers (many Kroger-owned chains are rumored to have them) and drug stores. Check out this year's assortment below!

It's been released a few times over the years, but since new audiences are always discovering THE MUNSTERS, it's no wonder that Universal Studios Home Entertainment has dusted off the cobwebs (or put them back on) for a fresh release on DVD. THE MUNSTERS: The Complete Series is a 12-disc set that preserves the undead antics of Herman, Lily, Eddie, Grandpa and Marilyn as a 1960s family that was ahead of their time.

When you have a show that's completely based on little witches, or "Charmers" in training, doing a Halloween episode is a pretty obvious choice. Like the other holidays featured on the popular Nick Jr. series, LITTLE CHARMERS, Halloween gets rebranded as "Spooky Pumpkin Moon Night," an episode that spawned a recent DVD from Kaboom! Entertainment and Sony Pictures.  The eighth entry into this year's 31 Days of Halloween here at THE ROCK FATHER Magazine, Little Charmers: Spooky Pumpkin Moon Night is a great new autumn offering for the little ones. Check out the theme song below...

One of the most exciting and most important toys to arrive here at Rock Father HQ this year is one that I first covered here on the site over a year and a half ago... WONDER CREW. Initially launched via a successful Kickstarter Campaign, these 15-inch soft-bodied dolls were created by a mom who noticed a lack of toys that encouraged friendship and empathy being marketed to boys - essentially the reverse of what my wife and I (along with many others) see as the parents of two girls. Gender roles in play has been a hotly-debated issue in recent years, but spinning it back to my own childhood, the answer has always been a simple one - to let kids be kids and play with what they'd like. Thing is, it's mostly the grownups that are responsible for forcing a "this" and "that" mentality to kids, and even if you strip away all the debate, one thing is quite certain: it's very difficult to find a male doll in any toy store or department. Back in the 80s we had "My Buddy" and a host of Cabbage Patch Kids, but now lately it's been nearly impossible to find a doll that represents a boy - and even our girls have noticed. Wonder Crew takes a step in the right direction, and they're really great toys.

Saturday, October 08 2016 10:58

Discover the POWER RANGERS' 2017 Teaser Trailer...

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In the true spirit of what a "teaser" should be, the first official trailer for 2017's live-action POWER RANGERS movie dangles a carrot in front of its audience - barely showing the suits, and not giving us a single look at the mighty 'Zords that the 'Rangers will no doubt pilot. But Lionsgate's new adventure is looking really good. Set to "I Walk the Line" by Halsey (get it on iTunes),  it's a moody, very different version of the former MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS...

Friday, October 07 2016 22:41


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It's no secret that I do love VOLTRON, and knowing that the folks behind DreamWorks Animation's VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER feel the same way, my appreciation of the work just grows stronger. Today comes the official word straight outta New York Comic-Con (NYCC) that Season Two will premiere on Netflix on January 20, 2017. Some new pics of the series have been issued, the new action figures and vehicles from Playmates should probably debut at New York Toy Fair in February, and there's also a Season Two teaser that was released via IGN - a clip that will be familiar to those who attended SDCC this past summer. Take a look...

Friday, October 07 2016 22:12

Toy Review: Whiffer Sniffers Backpack Clips

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If you're old enough to remember the scratch-n-sniff craze of the 1980s, then you'll fully understand the appeal of Whiffer Sniffers, a line of collectible plush backpack clips, huggable plush and yes, stickers. On the market for the past year or so, these scented characters each have a distinctive personality and smell, and The Rock Daughters™ have amassing a nice little assortment of them, with several clipped to their backpacks.